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Fortuna Association

LUC The Hague’s own student association ‘Fortuna’ was established as a legal association on 16th May 2011. It aims to represent the interest of all students enrolled at LUC The Hague, which is done by maintaining contact between members of the association and other important bodies within LUC, promoting the development and ensuring the continuity of committees set up by members of the association, representing the student body as a whole to the outside world, and organising activities to broaden the horizon of LUC students outside the curriculum.

Every student at LUC automatically becomes a member of Fortuna, and is therefore introduced to this important element of life at LUC The Hague. Fortuna has several committees, each with their own contributions. Some of Fortuna’s committees include: 

  • Coasters (the Bar committee)
  • LUCV (LUC's volunteer group)
  • 22F(M) (radio)
  • Hitchhiking Committee (organiser of two hitchhiking competition)
  • Act Aware Committee (sustainability committee)
  • PAX Magazine (Fortuna’s own magazine)
  • the Beyond Arts Committee (fine arts, performing arts, music, literary arts etc.)
  • Sports Committee (football, volleyball, field hockey etc.)

Fortuna members are invited to participate in events such as movie nights, (themed) parties, career-related events, Model United Nations conferences, Dutch language courses, and many more exciting activities!
On top of all this, an annual inter-UC tournament is organised between all the university colleges of the Netherlands, during which each university college sends sports teams, dance groups, singing ensembles, and artists to engage in some friendly competition.

More information
Visit the Fortuna website more information.

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