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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)

Admission requirements

In order to be admissible to LUC’s Liberal Arts & Sciences programme, you need to meet certain requirements. Please view the Diploma, English and Mathematics requirements below.

LUC The Hague is an honours programme of Leiden University and therefore admissions requirements are higher than the general admissions requirements to other programmes of Leiden University. If you meet the admission requirements for Leiden University, but not the additional ones stated for LUC The Hague, you can still submit an application for our programme. Please note that in this case you have a lower chance to be selected.

Please check this list to view the general and additional diploma requirements.

If your diploma is not on the list, please contact the Admissions Office to inquire about your specific admission requirements before you apply.

English Proficiency Requirements

LUC The Hague’s entire programme is taught in English and all applicants need to prove their English Proficiency. Please view the three categories below on how you can prove your English proficiency and indicate the applicable category on the LUC Application form.

Category A

If you have obtained one of the following diplomas, you meet the English proficiency requirement. If you still need to obtain one of these diplomas, you will meet the English proficiency requirement once you graduate.

Category B

Applicants with a Dutch VWO Diploma or a Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife (Abitur) can prove their English proficiency by achieving a high grade for English in their final year. Click on the diploma name to view the English grade requirements for each of these diplomas.

Category C

If you obtain(ed) a different diploma than those listed in category A and B, you need to proof your English proficiency by taking one of the following English proficiency tests. You need to obtain the required scores before the start of the programme, but all students in this category are strongly advised to take one of the acceptable English proficiency tests as soon as possible.

Mathematics Proficiency Requirements

As LUC offers a Liberal Arts and Sciences programme all students are expected to have a general understanding of mathematics. Therefore, LUC compiled a list (see Category A) with which you can prove your mathematics skills. Please note that meeting this requirement does not mean your mathematics skills are sufficient nor do they guarantee success in LUC’s mathematics course. We advise you to review the mathematics course content in the e-prospectus to assess whether you have the required skills to pass this course. A good way to prepare for the mathematics course at LUC is to take the Online OMPT-A Math test or James Boswell Mathematics A course. For more information please view the LUC math list under Category A.

Please check the two categories below and indicate the applicable category on the LUC Application form.

Category A

If you have already graduated and/or obtained one of the results stated here, you prove you have a general understanding of mathematics and meet the mathematics proficiency requirement. If you have not taken mathematics recently, you are required to include a mathematics plan in your application (see category B).

Category B

If you belong to one of the groups mentioned below you are a Category B applicant.

  • You have not graduated yet
  • You do not expect to meet the mathematics requirement
  • You obtained a sufficient mathematics score in 2020 or longer ago

If you still need to graduate and have a good grade/average for math on the required level, there is a good chance you will meet the mathematics requirement before the start of the programme. However, if you do not have mathematics on the required level and/or have sufficient grades/scores in mathematics, or you passed mathematics longer than a year ago by the time LUC’s programme starts in September 2022, you are required to include a mathematics improvement plan on the LUC Application form. Indicate on this form what you are doing to improve your mathematics skills and what you intend to do to improve such as private lessons, online courses etc..

If by the time you graduate you still do not meet the requirement, you will be required to take a mathematics diagnostic exam at the start of the academic year. Please view the information regarding the mathematics diagnostic exam here.

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