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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)

What is Liberal Arts and Sciences?

The Liberal Arts and Sciences approach to education is an opportunity for you to develop a wide range of academic and social skills, laying the foundations for you to make your next moves after graduation with confidence.

Liberal Arts and Sciences or 'LAS' involves an educational programme that is both multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary in orientation. You learn to think along with and move between disciplines, enabling you to develop critical skills and enhance your academic horizons. The Global Challenges covered in the 1st Year  – Sustainability, Diversity, Peace and Justice, and Prosperity –  provide the foundation for choosing one of six Majors to follow in the 2nd and 3rd Years, providing the analytical tools to get a grip on the fast-paced demands of 21st century life.

Our additional focus on Global Citizenship links the global challenges with local realities, grounding you with an ethical outlook, an understanding and appreciation of your place in the world, and what you can contribute to it.

Alongside the educational programme, you are encouraged to engage in extra-curricular activities as a fundamental part of their LUC Liberal Arts and Sciences experience. The merging of our academic and residential communities within our own building is an essential part of this. The wide range of student-run clubs provide a host of openings for pursuing hobbies with friends, engaging in volunteer work around the city, or running the student bar. Student input in the College itself is also valued, with opportunities for representing the student body on boards and committees.

Academically, we enable you to respond critically and creatively to the flows of a rapidly changing world, drawing on a set of diverse and dynamic perspectives. Socially, we provide you with an intense and rewarding intercultural experience that facilitates your journey to become global citizens. LAS is thus an all-encompassing educational philosophy that empowers our graduates to pursue their chosen careers with self-confidence and success.

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