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Leiden Institute of Physics


The Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) offers bachelor and master level education in physics at Leiden University.

In our programmes, world-class scientific research is integrated in high quality, small scale, and flexible education.
Our graduates are professional physicists with internationally recognized  Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Master of Science (MSc) degrees. The institute further supports a large number of  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates.
The key features of our programmes include high end research infrastructure, very approachable, renowned staff and an open, inclusive, international environment.

Bachelor’s programme

The three-year bachelor’s programme in Physics lays the basis in a strong curriculum of mathematics and physics in the first two years. It develops the body of knowledge and key competences in both theoretical and experimental physics, allows for a semester of free specialization (both within and outside Physics) and culminates to an independent physics research project at the Leiden Institute of Physics.

The BSc research project is carried out as part of a research group of the institute with full access to  its facilities. The programme is also offered in part time to accommodate older students who are in employment. The programme is offered in Dutch in the first two years and in English in the third year.

Master’s programme

Our two-year master’s programme in Physics offers training in cutting edge research in Physics. Students spend approximately 50% of the programme on research, as a member of one of our top-level international research groups.

We offer five research specializations that emphasize either experimental or theoretical physics, and train students to become independent researchers:

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Quantum Matter and Optics
  • Biological and Soft Matter
  • Classical/Quantum information
  • Cosmology

An honors version (Casimir pre-PhD) of three of these specializations, namely Theoretical Physics, Quantum Matter and Optics and Biological and Soft Matter, can be joined from the 2nd semester onwards.

A further three specializations (Science Based Business, Science Communication and Society, and Education) place physics in a broader context and provide training for careers where a physics background is an asset. Each specialization  provides a combination of research independence and content proficiency that  prepares successful professionals.

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