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Support Departments

List of Support Departments at LION and the Faculty of Science

Support Departments at LION

Cryogenics Department

where you can order and fetch liquid helium and nitrogen.

Fine Mechanical Department

Support for your experimental instrumentation via engineering, realization and advice.

Electronics Department

providing solutions in the field of electronic equipment and interfacing between hardware and computers.

ICT Group

provides support with the use of the computer and the network environment of LION.


Support Departments at the Faculty of Science

Human Resources Department

For questions and answers on employment, sick leave, leave of absence, maternity/paternity leave, etc...


The University Libraries help you find information, add structure to your data, advises on copyright questions and helps you meet regulations on open access. Making science accessible is one of our main goals.

Cell Observatory

From molecule, to cell, to organism. Research at the Cell Observatory is about visualizing the structures of life. The ultimate goal is to tackle disease. The high level drug research at the Cell Observatory aimes at reducing the spread of cancer and developing new medicines for tuberculosis.

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