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Leiden Institute of Physics

Fine Mechanical Department

What is the Fine Mechanical Department?

We are the people, with all the required tools and knowledge, for realizing the technical solutions, to your questions.

  • 18 highly skilled and cooperative technicians.
  • A lot of knowledge on experimental research, engineering and production.
  • 3D design stations for visualization and engineering.
  • Outstanding workshop facilities with on-the-edge technologies.
  • Extensive technical warehouse.

We are dedicated to support experimental instrumentation and research within the institutes of Biology, Centre for Drug Research, Chemistry, Physics, Leiden Observatory and Sackler Lab.

The FMD is hosted by the Physics Institute and welcomes you in the Gorlaeus Building.


  • Analysing your question and present a suitable solution(s),
  • Develop the solution to a design or advice,
  • Testing, preliminary design research, procurement,
  • Realisation according to the design,
  • Assembly, testing and modifications.

All of the above in close collaboration with you!

Working with the FMD is working together.

Meet us in an early stage of your research, so we can think with you!

When your research group has a regular contact person:
     -See the peoples page and make an appointment with that person.

When your research group has no regular contact person:
     -Contact our Project Coordinator; Fred Schenkel

For a simple question or a small job:
     -Contact our Quick Service: more information at our entrance.

For the Technical Warehouse:
     -Visit us during office hours. Or contact Rob van Noord.

Where to find us:
     -Gorlaeus Building, ground floor, next to the wide stairs.

You are always welcome to visit our department.


Visiting address
Leiden Institute of Physics
Huygens-Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
The Netherlands

Delivery address
Faculty of Science
Logistiek Centrum
tav Fijnmechanische Dienst
Wassenaarseweg 76
2333 AL Leiden