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This site provides manuals and help for the use of the computer and the network environment of the LION institute. Many computer related problems can be solved quickly by checking this site for solutions. It also provides general information like the guidelines as regards the use of the computer and network environment, and the best way to contact


These guidelines are intended to optimize the working of the LION computer environment, and minimize the risk of network break down. If in the course of your duties it becomes necessary to deviate from these rules, please contact system management.



System management supports the following operating systems: Windows  7,8, RedHat Linux, and SUN UNIX.


Operating systems will be installed by system management only. This also goes for software emulating the functionality of operating systems. The operating system for standard office PC's is Windows 7. The build-in administrator account is administered by system management.


Users of Windows 7 have to log on to the PHYSICS domain. User accounts on Windows 7 workstations are not allowed.



It is not allowed to connect any equipment with an ethernet interface to the network, due to possible conflicts with other equipment. Portable computers can be connected after permission and configuration by system management. The network parameters of computers and other equipment may only be changed by system management. The moving of network computers/equipment to another network wall plate, or its permanent removal, has to be reported to system management.



Changes to the hardware configuration are done by system management.


It is not allowed to change the language settings of the operating system.


It is not allowed to install software that isn't associated with the task or function of the user; such software is a frequent source of problems.


Passwords should be kept privately; exchange of passwords may comprimize the security of the system.


All users get a home directory on the LION servers, of which a backup is made every day. The available space for data on the personal P: drive is 6 Gb. The available space for mail on the PHYSICS mailserver is 6 Gb.


Hacking, sniffing, and scanning are not allowed.


Violations of these rules will result in the decoupling of the offending equipment from the network, and/or the blocking of the account of the user.


The ending of contract or study is reported to system management. Student accounts will be deleted after two months, accounts of staff after three months, and accounts of guests when their arranged period of stay expires.


Posters with a maximum size of A0 (84.1cm x 118.9cm) can be printed at the Sterrewacht, in the Huygens Laboratorium buildnig, room 408. This services operates at a first-come-first-serve basis provided there is enough material and manpower available. It is not guaranteed that Computer Group ICT-personnel is present at all hours of the day. Therefore you need to make an appointment to have your poster printed.

Use email: posters@strw.leidenuniv.nl to request a poster print appointment. Please state your prefered data and times for printing and we will find the closest appropriate time within the schedule.



The most practical way is to bring you poster material in person, so you can confirm that the interpretation of your information on the computer connected to the printer is correct. If not you have the opportunity to modify the information on the spot.

It is possible that the fonts used are not all available on the print computer. Notably the mathematical formulae may have special fonts that are likely not included in your file. Therefore, it is advised to use the PDF format, with all fonts included, to prepare your poster for printing. It is possible to print directly from PowerPoint, but experience shows that this is not always without problems. We do not support other formats.

We advise you to make an appointment well, a few days, in advance to the time you need is.

Provide: as zip file, on a USB stick, on floppy, or on CD; layout for A4 or custom.



On site we will fill-in a request from on which we record your SAP number. When paid through SAP no VAT will be charged. You will receive a copy on the final invoice which you have to give to your financial office. They have to transfer the amount to the Sterrewacht account.



Poster A0 50 euro
Poster A1 45 euro
Poster A2 40 euro
Other sizes 50 euro
Tube for transportation 5 euro

Working hours


Monday   8:30 - 17:00
Tuesday   8:30 - 17:00
Wednesday   8:30 - 17:00
Thursday   8:30 - 17:00
Friday   8:30 - 17:00
Daily Lunchtime indication 12:30 - 13:30

Other Printing Services

Copy & Print Shop - Universiteit Facilitair Bedrijf

(up to 1500mm in width)

If anything seems to go wrong, take a deep breath, pause ("sit on your hands"), try to remember what you just have done, consider if this is the cause of the problem and if it can be reversed (this rule is just as valid for experts as it is for beginners!). If in doubt, do nothing if you can continue working, but make a note of the problem, and consult an expert, or system management. If direct action is necessary, take your time, reconsider your options, take another pause, and choose the option that changes the state of affairs the least. Ideally you should make a note of everything that you do.

Many problems can be solved by restarting your computer. First try to log off and log on again. If that doesn't work, close all of your applications, close Windows, turn of your computer, and turn it on again.

If all this does not work, contact system management. In that case it is extremely important to tell the person who is solving your problem everything you have done prior to the problem, even if you think that your actions are the cause of the problem, and if you are embarrassed by this. Having this information may spare hours of work (literally!) for the person solving your problem.

More optics


Problem: Upon trying to save a document one gets the message: "Unable to save document. Disk full."

Solution: Open a new blank document, and copy the text of the old document to the new one. Save the new document, after renaming if necessary.


The display resolution of Ghostview can be improved by going to Media -> Display Settings, and changing the settings of Text Alpha and Graphics Alpha from 1 bit to 4 bits.


Latest versions

The latest available version are: WinEdt version 5.2, MiKTeX version 2.1, Ghostview version 3.6, and Ghostscript version 6.50. To get these versions, contact System Management. The new MiKTeX version can convert TeX files into the Acrobat pdf format.

Basics of LaTeX (MiKTeX) and WinEdt

WinEdt is a text editor with a standard Windows outlook, here used to work with TeX files, where TeX also stands for LaTeX, RevTeX, etc. The present configuration is suitable for manuscripts of/for the American Mathematical Society, the American Physical Society (Phys. Rev. etc.), the Optical Society of America (J.O.S.A, Applied Optics), Institute of Physics (Journal of Physics etc.) and Elsevier (Physica etc.).

Starting WinEdt opens the editing window; you can start making your own TeX file by, e.g., opening the file template.aps in the directory RevtexUser. Clicking on the ( symbol opens a menu with symbols and commands; clicking on these symbols puts the corresponding TeX command into the text at the position of the cursor. Compilation can be started by clicking the LaTeX symbol (RevTeX is implemented as a style addition to LaTeX). ). Any errors can be found by clicking the binocular symbol (click Next to get the corresponding lines in WinEdt). The compiled result can be viewed by clicking DVI Preview (the magnifying glass). The postscript version is created by clicking DVI->PS , which can be viewed with Ghostview (the ghost symbol with the large glasses).

For users of MiKTeX 1.2 and 2.0: the directory RevtexUser holds a simple manual for the RevTeX version (for LaTeX beginners a textbook will be necessary anyway), and some useful files; for details see USER-README.txt; the subdirectory OSA is for those files specific to the Optical Society of America. The subdirectory Sample holds a testfile for the Physical Review style that includes figures. These directories (and files) can be copied or moved to your working environment. More information on WinEdt can be found in the menu Help -> Contents.

For users of MiKTeX 2.1: all documentation and samples can be found in the directory  C:\localtexmf\docs_samples.

Do not change any of these files, or store your own projects in any of these locations; work in your own user diectories, preferably on a D: partition.

New features

If the compiler finds an error, it opens a command window; typing e (and ENTER) in the command window will result in a jump to the editing window, with the offending line highlighted in red. After after just pressing ENTER, the compilation will (usually) continue; errors and other warnings can then be found by clicking the binoculor symbol. Going from a specific line in the editing window to the corresponding line in DVI Preview is done by placing the cursor on that line, and clicking DVI Search (the torchlight symbol); the line (in fact: the nearest text line) is pointed to with a small black circle. To go from a specific line in DVI Preview back to the corresponding line in the editing window, double click on the line in DVI Preview; for texts with more than one column this works only approximately (the cursor may jump columns).

The sequential order of the references in the main body of the manuscript can be checked against the order in the bibliography. Copy the file reftest.tex from the directory C:\RevtexUser to your working directory. First compile the file to be tested, and then reftest.tex. When prompted for a file name, type the name of the file to be tested, without extension. The result of the test is found in DVI Preview. You can insert line numbers in the text file through the menu Tools -> Enumerate Lines . To remove the numbers, click on the box LINE at the bottom of the edit screen, which toggles to BLOCK . Now you can select the line numbers as a separate block using the mouse; press DEL on the keyboard to remove them. When done, toggle the box back to LINE. To change the length of the lines in the editing window, go to the menu Options -> Preferences -> Editor , and type the desired length as the number of characters in the box at the right; to apply this change to the current document, go to the menu Edit -> Format -> Format Document .

Caution: If you want to exchange your TeX file with persons of which you are not sure that they use WinEdt, save a copy of the TeX file as an ASCII file, and use this for exchanges.

If you want to use MiKTeX for a publication not mentioned in the list above, please contact system management (5785, 5786). If you have adapted MiKTeX to a new publication, please also contact system management, so that other users might profit too.


The style files for the following publications are included in our distribution: APS revtex3 and revtex4 (Physical Review etc., Applied Optics, JOSA), Elsevier (Physica etc.), Institute of Physics (Journal of Physics etc.), and JLTP (Journal of Low Temperature Physics). Newly available is Wiley-PPS, including sidecap.sty (captions besides the figures). Download the files by clicking on the link, then extract the file by double-clicking on it. Then go to Start -> Programs -> MiKTeX -> Options -> Refresh Filename Database. If this does not work, contact system management.

For publication of the APS, please note that revtex3 and revtex4 use different sets of style files, that have to be invoked by different LaTeX statements: revtex3 uses \documentstyle, and revtex4 uses \documentclass; for more detail see the samples in their respective directories under the directory C:\Program Files\localtexmf\docs_samples\ .

If you want to use your own style files, put them in C:\Program Files\localtexmf\tex\latex\[your name]\ , see the directions given above. This facilitates a possible upgrade of the MiKTeX distribution. Corresponding bibtex (bst) directories have to be moved to C:\Program Files\localtexmf\bibtex\bst .

Miktex Problems

Problem: The compiler breaks off after a very short time, withiut a message.

Solution: The MiKTeX 1.20 distribution has a bug, which requires the LaTeX file to be updated. Go to the LION FTP site (e.g. using WS_FTP); change directory to Sources, double click on Latex and Latex-update. Copy the file miktex-1.20-latex.zip to your computer, e.g. to C:\Temp. Unzip this file to the directory c:\texmf. Finally, go to Start -> Programs -> MiKTeX -> Maintenance -> Reconfigure.

Problem: The compiler breaks off with a message that it cannot find the file \\lionp\fndb , or a similar index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=254:ict-group-tips-n-tricks&catid=83:ict&Itemid=893message.

Solution: Disconnect the computer from the application server, i.e. the S: drive, using Disconnect Network Drive in the Explorer. Go to Start -> Programs -> MikTeX -> Maintenance (MiKTeX 1.2) or Options (MiKTeX 2) -> Reconfigure or Upgrade .

Problem (MiKTeX 1.2): The LaTeX compiler breaks off after a short period.

Solution: Update the MiKTeX distribution. If you want to do it yourself: use WS_FTP to go to LIONS1, change directory to Sources (button ChDir), go to MiKTeX -> LaTeX-update, download miktex-1.20-latex.zip to your computer, and use WinZip to extract this file to the MiKTeX directory, usually C:\texmf (please check). Then go to Start -> Programs -> MiKTeX -> Maintenance -> Reconfigure. After Reconfigure has run, MiKTeX should be operational again. If not, or you don't want to do the upgrade yourself, contact system management (5785).

Problem: The compiler breaks off with a message that it cannot find the file \\lionp\fndb , or a similar message.

Solution: Disconnect the computer from the application server, i.e. the S: drive, using Disconnect Network Drive in the Explorer. Go to Start -> Programs -> MikTeX -> Maintenance (MiKTeX 1.2) or Options (MiKTeX 2) -> Reconfigure or Upgrade .

Problem: The compiler breaks off with the message that the file tx8r.enc is missing.

Solution: Go to C:\texmf\dvips\config, and rename the file  psfonts.map  to  psfonts.map.org  and rename the file psfontes.map.miktex-2.0  to  psfonts.map .

Problem: The compiler breaks off with the message that the file math1.pfb is missing.

Solution: Download the directory wolfram on the LION FTP server (change directory to Sources, and go to MiKTeX\fonts), to the directory C:\localtxmf\fonts\type1\   (this directory has to be made).

Problem: The dvi to ps converter breaks off.

Solution: Go to C:\texmf\dvips\config, and rename the file  psfonts.map  to  psfonts.map.org  and rename the file psfontes.map.miktex-2.0  to  psfonts.map .

EPS Files

Problem: The EPS image is incomplete. 
Solution: The bounding box has to be recalculated. Open the EPS file with Wordpad, and look for the line with the term Bounding box. The four numbers are the positions of the borders of the bounding box, the third one being the righthand border. Enlarge this number so that the border is well beyond the image, as can be checked with Ghostview. Now let Ghostview recalculate the bounding box by going to File -> PS to EPS, and check the box Automatically Recalculate Bounding Box.

Problem: The EPS figure doesn't shown in a TeX file. 
Solution: Ther are many different causes, but first try to open the file with Notepad or Wordpad, and look for a line with the word setpagedevice. Delete this line. For an more elaborate example, see here.

EPS Errors

Below is given an example of an .eps file that contains page-formatting related errors that cause it to fail to display inside a (La/MiK-)TeX document. The mentioned lines are the ones to be deleted. For any other problems, contact Ruud Zweistra (5785).

<Start of file>
%%Pages: (atend)
%%Orientation: Portrait
%%PageOrder: Special
%%PageBoundingBox: 18 8 593 784
          | at the top part of the file
%%BeginFeature: *PageSize Letter

<</DeferredMediaSelection true /PageSize [612 792] /ImagingBBox null>> setpagedevice
%%Page: 1 1
%%PageBoundingBox: 18 8 593 784
          | at the end part of the file
(%%[Page: 1]%%) =
%%BoundingBox: 18 8 593 784
%%Pages: 1
(%%[LastPage]%%) =
<End of file>

Webmail works both inside and outside the building. For users on the PHYSICS domain, start your browser, type http://webmail.physics.leidenuniv.nl, and type your username and password in the appropriate fields.  For the use of Outlook or Outlook Express outside the building, see the manual listen on the page about wireless networking.

Any requests for general assistance should be addressed to: helpdesk@physics.leidenuniv.nl

And for personal consults visit room 406 in the Huygens Laboratorium.

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