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Joan van der Waals colloquium

The Joan van der Waals colloquium is an ongoing bi-weekly lecture series.

Each Joan van der Waals colloquium is preceded by an opening act: a PhD or postdoctoral researcher from the Leiden Institute of Physics gives a 10-minute presentation, usually from a different field than the invited speaker.

If you cannot attend in person, please register for the livestream.

Next colloquium: 24 May 2024: Daniela A. Wilson, Radboud University

Molecular Engineering of Synthetic Motile Systems

Cellular structures, the basic building blocks of life, are one of the most well studied complex systems. Their intricate architectures have inspired the design of synthetic analogues that can mimic both their structure and function. One of the primary challenges is to engineer autonomous systems capable of mimicking cellular behaviors such as movement, sensing, communication, and adaptation to environmental cues. This presentation highlights the spontaneous self-assembly of smart building blocks, leading to the creation of vesicles capable of autonomous locomotion with controlled shape, motion and directionality. These nano and microscale motile systems hold promise for advanced biomedical devices, offering precise treatments and insights into natural communication mechanisms like cell-to-cell signaling. By responding to environmental stimuli, these biomimetic systems can regulate their motion and behavior, potentially revolutionizing drug delivery beyond traditional passive methods. Additionally, strategies for activating vesicles to achieve programmed shapes and functionalities will be discussed, along with innovative surface functionalization techniques for incorporating recognition units onto motile systems, enabling programmable behavior.


Full programme
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Upcoming colloquia season 2023-2024 

24 May 2024: Daniela Wilson, Radboud University (link)
7 June 2024: Marc-Olivier Renou, Ecole Polytechnique (link)
21 June 2024: Liesbeth Janssen, Eindhoven University (link)
5 July 2024: Tanja Mehlstäubler, Hannover University (link)

26 Apr 2024, Floriana Lombardi, Chalmers University: Exploring moiré-inspired physics in cuprate superconductors

12 Apr 2024, Ming Guo, MIT: When mechanics meets biology: Cell mechanics and mechanobiology in multicellular living systems

15 Mar 2024, Gijsje Koenderink, Delft University: The cell as a material

1 Mar 2024, Thomas Juffmann, Vienna University: Electrons and Light - Imaging and Information

16 Feb 2024, Roberto Di Leonardo, Sapienza University Rome: Optogenetic control of spatiotemporal dynamics in bacteria

2 Feb 2024, Mazhar Ali, Delft University: Basket Weaving: Kagome van der Waals Materials

8 Dec 2023, Beatriz Noheda, Groningen University: The matter of future computers: oxide thin films for synaptic devices

24 Nov 2023, Carsten Schuck, University of Münster: Quantum technology with photonic integrated sources, circuits, and superconducting detectors

10 Nov 2023, Gabriel Hétet, Ecole normale Paris: Spin-mechanics with trapped magnetic particles

13 Oct 2023, Benoit Ladoux, Université Paris Diderot: The role of intercellular forces in cell extrusion and competition

29 Sept 2023, Corentin Coulais, University of Amsterdam: Reinventing the wheel with the non-Hermitian skin effect

15 Sept 2023, Michael Fuhrer, Monash University (AU): Topological Materials for Low-energy Electronics

12 May 2023, Armando Rastelli, Johannes Kepler University Linz: Generation and use of highly entangled photons from semiconductor quantum dots

28 Apr 2023, Beena Kalisky, Bar Ilan University: Probing Quantum Materials using Scanning SQUID Microscopy

14 Apr 2023, Ana Belén Sainz, University of Gdansk: Quantum resources from non-classical phenomena

6 Apr 2023, Kyle Shen, Cornell University: Atomically Thin Interfacial High-Temperature Superconductivity

17 Mar 2023, Jan Klärs, University of Twente: The thermalization, condensation and flickering of photons

3 Mar 2023, Ronny Thomale, Würzburg University (cancelled)

17 Feb 2023, Antonija Grubisic-Cabo, University of Groningen: Deciphering the electronic structure of 2D materials in and out of equilibrium

3 Feb 2023, Nynke Dekker, Delft University: Adventures in DNA replication using single-molecule biophysics

20 Jan 2023, Monica Morales Masis, University of Twente: Development of New Optoelectronic Thin Film Materials for Low-Cost and Efficient Solar Cells

9 Dec 2022, Marc Serra-Garcia, AMOLF: Nanomechanics as an emergent platform for information technologies

25 Nov 2022, Bart van Wees, University of Groningen: Magnon spin wave transport in ultrathin ferro and antiferromagnetic materials

11 Nov 2022, Don C. Lamb, LMU Munich: From Dancing Proteins to Maturing Viruses - using Fluorescence to Illuminate the World Around Us

4 Nov 2022, Claus Ropers, Max Planck Institute, Göttingen: Coupling electrons and light in electron microscopy

14 Oct 2022, Eric Dufresne, ETH Zürich: Putting the Squeeze on Phase Separation

30 Sept 2022: Jelmer Renema, University of Twente: Integrated photonic quantum information processing

16 Sept 2022: Eli Sloutskin, Bar-Ilan University: Topology-controlled self-faceting and self-decoration of liquid droplets

10 June 2022, Elie Raphaël, ESPCI ParisTech: Moving at the air-water interface

20 May 2022, Christine Silberhorn, Paderborn University: Quantum optics and information science in multi-dimensional photonics networks

13 May 2022, Frank-J. Meyer zu Heringdorf, Universität Duisburg-Essen: Nonlinear Photoemission Microscopy with Surface Plasmon Polaritons

29 April 2022, Anna Sanpera, Universitat Autònoma Barcelona: Elizabeth Gardner and the storage capacity of quantum neural networks

1 April 2022, Davide Bigoni, University of Trento: Hyperelasticity and beyond

18 March 2022, Katharina Franke, Freie Universität Berlin: Artificially-constructed chains of magnetic adatoms on superconducting

4 March 2022, Markus Morgenstern, RWTH Aachen: Magnetism meets topology: The gap of Mn-rich MnSb2Te4

18 February 2022, Florian Schreck, University of Amsterdam: Continuous Bose-Einstein condensation and superradiant clocks

10 December 2021, Richard Warburton, University of Basel: A bright source of coherent single-photons

26 november 2021, Justin Ye, University of Groningen: Field Effect Control of Quantum Phases in 2D Materials

29 October 2021, Louise Jawerth, LION: Fiber growth, ultra-low surface tensions and glass-like aging: Protein condensates as novel materials.

12 March 2021, Luca Giomi, LION: Hydrodynamics of collective cell migration: the good, the bad and the chiral

26 February 2021, Maarten de Jong, LION/NIKHEF: KM3NeT: The next generation neutrino telescope

12 February 2021, Daniela Kraft, LION: Flexible colloidal structures

29 January 2021, Jan Zaanen, LION: Planckian Dissipation

15 January 2021, Michel Orrit, LION: Optical Microspectroscopy of single Molecules and Nanoparticles

11 December 2020, Carlo Beenakker, LION, Chiral magnetic effect in a Weyl superconductor

27 November 2020, Sense Jan van der Molen, LION: Probing interlayer interaction in van der Waals materials

13 November 2020, Martin van Hecke, LION: Probing interlayer interaction in van der Waals materials

30 Oct 2020, Alessandra Silvestri, LION: The era of precision Cosmology and its Surprises

21 Feb 2020, Eva Y. Andrei (Rutgers University, USA): The magic of atomically thin crystals

12 Dec 2019, Peng Chen (Cornell University, USA): Single-molecule chemistry: nanocatalysts and bacterial efflux

09 Dec 2019, J.C. Séamus Davis (University of Oxford, UK): Discovery and Exploration of the Cuprate

15 Nov 2019, Nikta Fakhri (MIT, USA): Thermodynamics of biological active matter

18 Oct 2019, Jonathan Leach (Heriot-Watt University, UK): Imaging at the speed of light

20 Sep 2019, Carsten Sönnichsen (University of Mainz, GER): Plasmonic Nanoparticles as sensor for single molecules

10 May 2019, Gilad Haran (Weizmann Institute, Israel): How fast are functional motions of protein machines? A single-molecule perspective

15 Mar 2019, Jascha Repp (Universität Regensburg, Germany): Accessing non-equilibrium states at the atomic scale

01 Mar 2019, Elizabeth von Hauff (VU Amsterdam): A dynamic picture of photovoltaic energy conversion

15 Feb 2019, Lyderic Bocquet (Ecolé Normale Supérieure, France): Water and ionic transport at (sub-)nanoscales: puzzles and application

01 Feb 2019, Dmitri Efetov (ICFO, Spain)

07 Dec 2018, Guillaume Schull (Université de Strasbourg, France): STM-induced light emission: from molecular LED to subnanometric optical microscopy

23 Nov 2018, Simon Gröblacher (TU Delft): Quantum experiments with massive, mechanical oscillators

09 Nov 2018, Jacqueline Bloch (CNRS & Paris Sud University): Fluids of light in semiconductor lattices

26 Oct 2018, Amit Meller (Technion, Israel): Nanopore bio-sensing: past, present and future

20 Apr 2018, Marco Aprili (Université Paris Sud & CNRS, France): Spin Physics in Mesoscopic Superconductors

06 Apr 2018, Thomas F. Prisner (University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany): Structure and Dynamics of Nucleic Acid Molecules

23 Mar 2018, Mete Atatüre (University of Cambridge, UK): Solid-State Spin-Photon Interfaces: Old Friends & New

23 Feb 2018, Vidya Madhavan (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA): Massless and Massive Electrons: Relativistic Physics in Condensed Matter Systems

16 Feb 2018, Roel Dullens (University of Oxford, UK): Two-dimensional melting of colloidal hard spheres

26 Jan 2018, Erica Carlson (Purdue University, USA): Decoding Spatial Complexity in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems

01 Dec 2017, D.N.Basov (Dept. of Physics, Columbia University, USA): Polaritons in van der Waals materials: insights from near field nano-optics

03 Nov 2017, Niek F. van Hulst (ICFO): Looking into Single Molecules at the last Frontier

20 Oct 2017, Nuh Gedik (MIT, USA): Optical tuning of electronic valleys

06 Jun 2017, Alan Bond (School of Chemistry, Monash University, Australia): Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of a new class of anti-cancer drugs

07 Apr 2017, Matthew Kenworthy (Leiden Observatory, University Leiden, The Netherlands): Looking for giant rings around a directly imaged exoplanet in 2017 - the bRing Project

24 Mar 2017, Silke Bühler Paschen (TU Wien, Austria): Turmoil at absolute zero - and what it has to do with quantum criticality in heavy fermion compounds

17 Mar 2017, Francisco Balzarotti (Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany): Molecular resolution imaging and tracking of single proteins with minimal photon fluxes

10 Mar 2017, Thomas W. Ebbesen (USLAS, University of Strasbourg, France): The Alchemy of Vacuum - Hybridizing Light and Matter

24 Feb 2017, Philip Moll (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Germany): Hydrodynamic flow of electrons

20 Jan 2017, Leo Radzihovsky (University of Colorado, USA): Fluctuations, stability, and phase transitions in quantum liquid crystal superfluids

09 Dec 2016, Gregor Neuert (Vanderbilt University, USA): Dynamic Temporal Control and Predictive Modeling of Signaling-Activated Gene Regulation

25 Nov 2016, Andrea Fuster (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands): Brain imaging, physics and more

11 Nov 2016, Francesco Sciortino (La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy): Physics with patchy colloids and DNA-made nano-particles

14 Oct 2016, John Toner (University of Oregon, USA): Swarming in the dirt: Floching in the presence of quenched disorder

30 Sep 2016, Alexey Chernikov (University of Regensburg, Germany): Exciton physics of 2D materials

24 Jun 2016, Felix Baumberger (University of Geneva and Swiss Light Source, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland): Oxide 2D electron liquids: new insight from angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy

10 Jun 2016, Pascale Senellart (LPN, Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, CNRS, France): Quantum optics with solid state artificial atoms

27 May 2016, Jeroen van Zon (Quantitative Developmental Biology, AMOLF, The Netherlands): Canalization and variability in C.elegans development

13 May 2016, Ivan Bozovic (Brookhaven National Laboratory & Yale University, USA): Why is Tc in cuprates so high?

29 Apr 2016, Wilson Poon (School of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Edinburgh, UK): Physics of caramel: simplicity in complexity

04 Mar 2016, David Reitze (Northwestern-universiteit, Universiteit van Texas in Austin): The First Observation of a Binary Black Hole Merger Through the Detection of Gravitational Waves by LIGO

05 Jun 2015, Stefano Zapperi (University of Milan (Department of Physics and Center for Complexity & Biosystems), Italy): Size effects in fracture and plasticity”

17 Apr 2015, Gary Steele (Delft University of Technology (Kavli Institute of Nanoscience), The Netherlands): Cavity Optomechanics: Detecting and controlling motion with microwave light

10 Apr 2015, Amir H Safavi-Naeini (Stanford University (Department of Applied Physics, Ginzton Lab), USA): Quantum optomechanics with silicon resonators

13 Mar 2015, Romana Schirhagl (Groningen University, Universtity Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands): Quantum Measurements for Stress Visualization

20 Feb 2015, Thorben Cordes (University of Groningen, The Netherlands): Single-molecule tools for the study of membrane transporters

06 Feb 2015, Bram Koster (Department of Molecular Cell Biology, LUMC, The Netherlands): Zooming in on cells and macromolecules with cryo-correlative electron microscopy”

12 Dec 2014, Christine Mummery (LUMC (Department of Anatomy & Embryology), The Netherlands): Multidisciplinary approacheds to creating models for human disease with stem cells

28 Nov 2014, Jesper Mørk (Technical University of Denmark (Department of Photonics Engineering), Denmark): Semiconductor cavity quantum electrodynamics

14 Nov 2014, Luca Giomi (Lorentz Institute, Leiden University, The Netherlands): The dynamics of sperm cooperation in a competitive environment

07 Nov 2015, James Hannon (IBM Research Division): A New Instrument for Measuring Surface Forces

17 Oct 2014, Erika Eiser (University of Cambridge (Cavendish Laboratory), UK): Designing Disorder

26 Sep 2014, Brian Gerardot (Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences, SUPA, Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK)): Engineering coherent artificial atoms

12 Sep 2014, Daniel Bonn (How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Mechanics of and sliding friction on wet sand): University of Amsterdam/ Institute of Physics

06 Jun 2014, Casper van der Wal (Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials – University of Groningen): Quantum optics and control of nuclear spin polarization with localized electrons in semiconductors

23 May 2014, Ewold Verhagen (FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands): Coupling light and motion using extremely confined optical fields

09 May 2014, Bryan Chen (Institute Lorentz, Leiden University, The Netherlands): Topological soft matter: from linkages to kinks

25 Apr 2014, Helmut Schiessel (Universiteit Leiden (LION/Theoretical Physics)): Breaking the second genetic code

28 Mar 2014, Vincent Mourik (TU Delft, The Netherlands): Majorana fermions in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire devices

14 Mar 2014, Alexander Brinkman (MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology, University of Twente): Transport and superconductivity at topological surfaces and interfaces

28 Feb 2014, Stefan Witte (Biophotonics and Medical Imaging,): Lensless microscopy: from X-ray imaging to miniature microscopes

14 Feb 2014, Ingmar Swart (Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Utrecht University): Semiconductor crystals with honeycomb periodicity: a new playground for Dirac-fermions

13 Dec 2013, Hans Hilgenkamp (MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente and Leiden Institute of Physics, Leiden University): Interfaces in complex oxides

29 Nov 2013, Tijmen Euser (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen): Laser propulsion of microparticles and cells in hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

15 Nov 2013, Andrea Caviglia (Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology): Electronic phase control in complex oxide heterostructures

01 Nov 2013, Erik Garnett (FOM Institute AMOLF, Center for Nanophotonics): Solar highways: core-shell nanowires for high-efficiency, low-cost solar cells

25 Oct 2013, Stephan Link (Department of Chemistry, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Laboratory for Nanophotonics, Rice University): Collective Plasmon Modes in Nanoparticle Assemblies

27 Sep 2013, Martin Exter (Leiden University (LION/Quantum Optics)): Surface plasmon lasing in metal hole arrays

14 Jun 2013, Allard Mosk (Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente): Imaging and focusing through strongly scattering layers

31 May 2013, Martijn Kemerink (Eindhoven University of Technology): Brownian ratchets – from curiosity to useful device ?”

17 May 2013, Val Zwiller (Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, TU Delft): Nanowire quantum dots: single photon generation and detection

26 Apr 2013, James B. Hannon (Manager, Carbon Electronics (IBM Research Division, NY)): Carbon Nanotubes from Lab to Fab

05 Apr 2013, Stephen Morris (): Consider the Icicle

22 Mar 2013, Dorothea Samtleben (University Leiden, LION/ Condensed Matter Physics): Light from the Invisible in Deep Waters

01 Feb 2013, Andrew Webb (LUMC (Director C.J.Gorter Center for High Field MRI)): From quantum mechanics to clinical diagnosis: magnetic resonance imaging at very high fields at the LUMC.

14 Dec 2012, Peter Bobbert (Department of Applied Physics, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven): Organic Magnetic Field Effects

09 Nov 2012, M. Schreiber (Institute of Physics (Chemnitz University of Technology)): Chemistry Nobel prize 2011 for a quasi-scientist : The forbidden beauty of quasicrystals

26 Oct 2012, Mark Golden (Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute, IoP, University of Amsterdam): Topological insulators

12 Oct 2012, Wilfred van der Wiel (NanoElectronics Group, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnolgy, University of Twente): Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Spin Electronics

28 Sep 2012, Sumant Oemrawsingh (Leiden University (LION/Quantum Optics)): DNA based nanophotonics

14 Sep 2012, Femius Koenderink (Center for Nanophotonics (FOM Institute AMOLF)): Subwavelength plasmonic and magnetic resonators to control photons and emitters

15 Jun 2012, P. Ruijgrok (LION/Monos): Manipulating and studying single gold nanoparticles with light

01 Jun 2012, Teun Klapwijk (Kavli Institute of Nanoscience (TUDelft)): Disordered superconductors, photons and astronomy

27 Apr 2012, Ronald Hanson (Kavli Institute of Nanoscience (TUDelft)): Quantum entanglement of spins in diamond: generation, detection and applications

13 Apr 2012, M. Leunissen (AMOLF): Strong control through weak bonds: new stategies for specific recognition, self-organization and self-replication in man-made materials

23 Mar 2012, H. Werij (TNO): Applied science at TNO: spanning the gap from nano to space

09 Mar 2012, N. Tombros (Zernike Instituut, Groningen): Is graphene an excellent material for spintronic applications

16 Dec 2011, P. Zijlstra (LION): Localized surface plasmons for nanoscience

02 Dec 2011, W. Löffler (LION): Twisted and entangled photons

04 Nov 2011, van N. Hulst (IBEC, Barcelona): Light control by antennasL from plasmonics to light harvesting

14 Oct 2011, Anton Akhmerov (LION): Majorana fermions and their use for quantum computation

30 Sep 2011, F Mugele (University of Twente): From confined simple liquids to evaporating drops of complex colloidal suspensions

16 Sep 2011, R.J.C. Spreeuw (UvA): Lattices of atom microtraps on magnetic-film atom chips

24 Jun 2011, N. Menon (University of Massachusetts, Department of Physics Amherst (USA)): Wrinkling, folding and crumpling of ultrathin elastic sheets

17 Jun 2011, V. Nesterenko (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California): Granular/porous systems: origin of new wave dynamics and applications

27 May 2011, Diego Garlaschelli (LION): Networks with local constraints: Fermi-Dirac, Bose-Einstein, and generalized distributions

13 May 2011, H. Janovjak (Institute of Science and Technology Austria): Optical Control of Cellular Signaling

29 Apr 2011, Bram Koster (LUMC (Department Molecular Cell Biology)): Zooming in on cellular architecture with Correlative Light Electron Tomography

25 Mar 2011, R. Wordenweber (Forschungszentrum Jülich): Nanostructured high-Tc superconductors: From vortex manipulation to fluxonic devices

11 Mar 2011, D. Samtleben ((NIKHEF)): News from the oldest light

25 Feb 2011, J. Verbeeck (Electron Microscopy for Materials Science University of Antwerp): Electrons with a twist: vortex electron beams in the electron microscope

11 Feb 2011, P. Planken (TU Delft): Terahertz near-field imaging and spectroscopy

28 Jan 2011, Holger Kress (Eindhoven University of Technology): Optical control of the mechanical and chemical microenvironment of living cells

14 Jan 2011, S. Otte (Delft University of Technology Department of Quantum Nanoscience): An electric control of single atom spin states

10 Dec 2010, M Weiss (University of Bayreuth): Sorting out protein traffic in living cells

26 Nov 2010, I Tolic (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics): Get your motors running: Sex, self-organization, and oscillations

12 Nov 2010, P Pinkse (MESA + Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente, Enschede): Cavity QED and Spin-Orbit Coupling of Light

29 Oct 2010, W. Irvine (University of Chicago, James Franck Institute): Colloidal crystals in optical fields and curved spaces: Topologcal tweezing, pleating and fractionalization

15 Oct 2010, Jean Sebastian Caux (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Instituut voor Theoretische Fysica): One-d quantum systems in- and out-of-equilibrium: new exact results, their applications, and overall perspectives

01 Oct 2010, C.J. van der Beek (Laboratoire des Solides Irradiés, Ecole Polytechnique): Vortex pinning as a probe for disorder in iron pnictide superconductors

11 Jun 2010, S.J. van der Molen (LION)

28 May 2010, Ben L. Feringa (RUG)

07 May 2010, A. Fiore (TU Eindhoven)

16 Apr 2010, G.J. Vancso (TU Twente)

26 Mar 2010, B Schuler (University Zurich): Folding in a cage: single molecule spectroscopy of chaperone-mediated protein folding

12 Mar 2010, T Shimizu (AMOLF): Time-derivative computations by a bacterium

26 Feb 2010, Huub J.M. de Groot (Chemie): Harnassing solar energy for the production of clean fuels

12 Feb 2010, J. Gomez-Rivas (AMOLF): Surface polariton nanosensors

29 Jan 2010, M. Vrakking (AMOLF): Connecting lab-based attosecond science with FEL research

16 Apr 2009, Christian von Borczykowski (TU Chemnitz, Duitsland)

20 Mar 2009, Thomas Heimburg (NBI Kopenhagen, Denemarken)

06 Mar 2009, L. Shvindlerman (TU Aken, Duitsland)

06 Feb 2009, L. Bocquet (Univ. Lyon, France)

23 Jan 2009, Johan Hofkens (KU Leuven)

05 Dec 2008, D. Smit (Shell)

21 Nov 2008, D. Iannuzzi (VU Amsterdam)

07 Nov 2008, M. Prins (Philips Research/TU Eindhoven)

24 Oct 2008, M. Cohen Stuart (Univ. Wageningen)

10 Oct 2008, S. Roke (MPI Stuttgart, Germany): Between surface science and soft matter

09 Sep 2008, Dirk Bouwmeester (UL/ Univ. Calif., Santa Barbara, USA): Knots of light

05 Aug 2008, M. Greven (Stanford University, USA): Crystal growth, neutron scattering and spin correlations: A tale of two complex oxides

21 Jul 2008, O. Younes-Metzler (TU München, Duitsland): Studying the adsorption of antifreeze glycoproteins (AFGP 8) on mica by AFM

18 Jul 2008, H. Wyss (Harvard Univ., USA): Glass formation and structuring in soft materials

18 Jul 2008, P.M. Reis (Univ. of Massachusetts, USA): Elasticity and geometry of thin sheets at interfaces

16 Jul 2008, H. Janovjak (Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA): Controlling protein structure and function: with a light saber – and force powers

16 Jul 2008, Kerstin Blank (KU Leuven, Belgium): Single molecule experiments for the analysis of the function, regulation and evolution of enzymes

04 Jul 2008, E. Kirchner (Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes): The physics behind the color of your car

20 Jun 2008, V. Subramaniam (Univ. Twente, Ensched): Unraveling and manipulating the photophysics of fluorescent proteins

06 Jun 2008, A. Prevost (ENS Paris, France): Contact mechanics at a rough glass-elastomer interface

23 May 2008, A. Kapanidis (Univ. Oxford, U.K.): Single-molecule fluorescence views of transcription machines and sensors

09 May 2008, Roel van Driel (UvA/NISB): How to package two meters of DNA with tens of thousands of genes inside a microns-size cell nucleus and let is work for you

04 Apr 2008, S.A. Grigera (Univ. St. Andrews, U.K.): Quantum criticality and quantum nematics: The tale of Sr3Ru2O7

15 Feb 2008, Herre S.J. van der Zant (Delft University): Nano-electromechanical systems

14 Dec 2007, K. Visscher (Univ. Arizona, U.S.A.): Controlling gene exspression by mechanical force

07 Dec 2007, H. Janovjak (Berkeley University, U.S.A.): An unfolding story of native membrane proteins

23 Nov 2007, S. Semrau (LION, Leiden): From rubber sheet dynamics to cell signaling

09 Nov 2007, A. Nicolet (LION, Leiden): Single-molecule probes in organic field-effect transistors

26 Oct 2007, J. Wrachtrup (Universität Stuttgart,): Defects in diamond: bright light for the quantum world

12 Oct 2007, John van Noort (LION, Leiden): Unraveling chromatin structure and dynamics with single-molecule techniques

05 Oct 2007, Ros Brown (Universiteit Pau, Frankrijk): Single-molecule tracking in nanochannel systems in hybrid materials

28 Sep 2007, D. Vanmaekelbergh (Universiteit Utrecht): Polariton luminescence and lasing from a single ZnO nanowiere

22 Jun 2007, E. Clement (CCR Jussieu, Parijs, Frankrijk): Weakly vibrated granular packing: from new modes of sound propagation to the onset of a liquid phase

25 May 2007, E. Peterman (VU Amsterdam): Single-molecule fluorescence studies of kinesin’s walking mechanism

04 May 2007, B. van Wees (RU Groningen): Electronic spin transport and spin precession in single grapheme layers at room temperature

20 Apr 2007, Peter Bobbert (TU Eindhoven): Charge transport in disordered semiconducting organic materials

30 Mar 2007, T. van Leeuwen (TU Eindhoven): Applied atom optics

16 Mar 2007, R. Besseling (Univ. of Edinburgh): Imaging the rheology of colloidal glasses: Microscopic relaxation, yielding and shearbanding

02 Mar 2007, K Eikema (VU Amsterdam): Boosting frequency-comb lasers for precision tests and high-field physics

16 Feb 2007, Gijsje Koenderink (AMOLF Amsterdam): Physics of active cytoskeletal protein networks

02 Feb 2007, Mark Golden (UvA, Amsterdam): Fermiology of bilayer colossal magnetoresistant manganites

19 Jan 2007, S. Rogge (TU Delft): Transport spectroscopy of a single-dopant in a gated nanostructure

22 Dec 2006, Florian Kulzer (Univ. Leiden): Large-scale heterogeneity in supercooled glycerol probed by single-molecule fluorescence and by rheology

08 Dec 2006, Bert Koopmans (TU Eindhoven): Speeding spins

24 Nov 2006, Ben de Boer (RU Groningen): Self-assembled monolayers in organic diodes

10 Nov 2006, T. Rasing (RU Nijmegen): Ultrafast spin- and magnetization dynamics: controlling magnetism by light?

27 Oct 2006, Dave Blank (Univ. Twente): Artificial structures by pulsed laser deposition: playing LEGO with atoms

13 Oct 2006, G. Wuite (Nat. Lab. VU Amsterdam): A singular view of DNA transactions

29 Sep 2006, L. Vandersypen (TU Delft): Coherent control and read-out of a single electron spin in quantum dot

15 Sep 2006, Wim Briels (Univ. Twente): From bio-membranes to mop-heads

02 Jun 2006, S. Speller (Radboud Univ. Nijmegen): Viral RNA and biominerals studied by atomic force microscopy

12 May 2006, A. Mosk (Univ. Twente): Atomic gasses at negative temperatures

21 Apr 2006, F. Mugele (Univ. Twente): Simple and complex fluids in external fields

31 Mar 2006, D.N. Reinhoudt (Univ. Twente): Writing with molecules on molecular printboards

17 Mar 2006, J.C. Yang (Univ. of Pittsburgh): The surface dynamics of the early stages of oxidation of Cu and Cu-Au thin films

03 Mar 2006, H.W. Zandbergen (TU Delft): Electron microscopy possibilities in Delft

17 Feb 2006, de M. Jong (NIKHEFF Amsterdam): A cosmic neutrino telescope

03 Feb 2006, R. Zondervan (Univ. Leiden): Single-molecule dynamics at variable temperatures

20 Jan 2006, M.A.J. Michels (TU Eindhoven/ Dutch Polym. Inst.): Multiple hopping and scaling in landscapes with extreme energy disorder

09 Dec 2005, P.M. Reis (Ecole Sup. de Physique Paris): The unzip instability: Oscillatory fracture paths in thin elastic sheets

25 Nov 2005, S.S. Saxena (Univ. of Cambridge): Superconductivity near quantum phase transitions and beyond

11 Nov 2005, Detlev Lohse (Univ. Twente): New developments in physics of fluids in Twente, bubbles in micro- and nanofluidics

28 Oct 2005, P. Schall (Van der Waals Zeeman Inst. A’dam): Soft matter under tough pressure: Dynamical behavior of strained colloidal crystals and glassed

14 Oct 2005, Michiel J.A de Dood (Univ. Leiden): Quantum dots and entangled photon sources in photonic crystals

30 Sep 2005, M.J. Rost (Univ. Leiden): Seeing thin films evolve with real-time, in-situ STM: Film growth and grain growth

16 Sep 2005, R. Sprik (Van der Waals Zeeman Inst. A’dam): Time reversed acoustics in complex media

03 Jun 2005, W.L. Vos (Univ. Twente/ AMOLF Amsterdam): Physics of photonic crystals: Spontaneous emission control

22 Apr 2005, S.J. Tans (AMOLF Amsterdam): Rapid co-evolution of transcription factors and their DNA binding sites

08 Apr 2005, D. Dulic (RU Groningen/CEA Saclay): Investigating conductance through metal-photochromic switch-metal junction

11 Mar 2005, Martijn Kemerink (TU Eindhoven): Morphology and hidden properties of semiconductive polymers revealed

25 Feb 2005, S.G. Lemay (TU Delft): Fun with ions: Charge inversion by multivalent ions probed with atomic force microscopy

11 Feb 2005, Alfons van Blaaderen (Univ. Utrecht): Colloids under external control

28 Jan 2005, Edgar .J. Boekema (RU Groningen): Membrane protein structure by single particle electron microscopy

17 Dec 2004, A.P.J. van Deursen (TU Eindhoven): Electromagnetic compatibility: What every experimentalist should know

03 Dec 2004, R.J.M. Nolte (Radboud Univ. Nijmegen): Self-assembled architectures from bio-hybrid amphiphiles

19 Nov 2004, B. Noheda (RU Groningen): Smart ferroelectric structures

05 Nov 2004, H. Fukuyama (Tohuku Univ. Sendai, Japan): Electronic properties of molecular solids – A showcase of strong correlations

22 Oct 2004, R.J.C. Spreeuw (Van der Waals-Zeeman Inst. A’dam): Ultracold atoms near surfaces: From trampolines to atom chips

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15 Sep 2000, Bert Koopmans (TU Eindhoven): Femtosecond magneto-optics in ferromagnets: Magnetism or optics?

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