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Leiden Institute of Physics

Electronics Department

What is the Electronics Department?

We are a team of eight people to support you with knowledge, experience and facilities in the areas of:

  • Analog and digital electronic engineering
  • Radio frequency and microwave engineering
  • Optics, lasers and photo detectors
  • Micro-positioning (piëzo transducers)
  • Digital signal processing
  • Computer equipment
  • Computer networks
  • Operating systems
  • Software engineering

Together with the Fine Mechanical Department we are dedicated to support experimental research within the institutes of Biology, Centre for Drug Research, Chemistry, Physics, Leiden Observatory and Laboratory for Astrophysics.

The Electronics Department (ELD) is hosted by the Institute of Physics (LION) and welcomes you in the Gorlaeus Building, room EE0.05.

Our activities involve dealing with both simple and complex issues of (micro) electronics. We find and solve problems with measurement setups, help to integrate equipment with a measurement setup, develop and manufacture electronic equipment, buy, test, maintain, repair and modify equipment, develop software... and assemble that special cable for you.

Another important aspect of our work is to exchange ideas with you on, for example, measurement techniques and the technical aspects of the measurement setup. In these discussions we can provide information about equipment and software, answer questions about whether the available equipment is useful, and discuss what other means there are to achieve the defined goals.

Experimental research can require specifications that are not available in commercial equipment. In such cases we may develop and build this equipment in close cooperation with you.

Nearly all measurement setups are controlled by one or more computers. Software-support in this area ranges from example programs to complete data-acquisition programs that control a measurement setup, as well as acquire and process measurement data. Also, we provide software-libraries for equipment developed by the ELD to use in applications.

A half hour introduction tour will teach you the necessary details of what there is to know about the FMD and ELD. You will meet the relevant personnel and learn about the possibilities in engineering and production techniques. This way, you will know what to do if you need our help.

Date: Every first Monday of the month.

Send us an email at infoFMD@physics.leidenuniv.nl

Please mention the research group you are in so we can setup a meeting with the corresponding support for that group.

Any question, you're always welcome to contact us.
When you know your way, just contact the ELD member you need.

Head of Department:
Maurice Heemskerk, heemskerk@physics.leidenuniv.nl
+31 71 527 5720
Mon – Fri (8:00–16:30)
Gorlaeus Building, room EE.0.23

Visiting Address:
Leiden Institute of Physics
Leiden University
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
The Netherlands

Postal Address:
Electronics Department
P.O. Box 9504
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

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