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Tatiana Afanassjewa public lectures about physics

The Tatiana Afanassjewa-lecture series is a series of public talks in Dutch by Leiden physicists on wednesday evenings, intended for everyone with an interest in physics.

The lecture series started  with Margriet van der Heijden's 19 February lecture about 'Denken is Verrukkelijk', her double biography of physicists Paul Ehrenfest and his wife Tatiana Afanassjewa. Afanassjewa, next to being Ehrenfests wife and sparring partner, was an independent scientist, who made contributions in thermodynamics and the didactics of mathematics. But the Leiden of a century ago did not provide many possibilities for women in science, and there was no job or professional recognition for Afanassjewa.

The name is a belated homage to Afanassjewa and also a nod to the Ehrenfest Colloquium, the interactive physics lectures that Paul Ehrenfest started, which are still being organised. We use the Dutch transcription of her name, which she used herself.

Accessible to everyone

Unless stated otherwise, the lectures are in Dutch, on wednesday evenings.

De Sitterzaal
Bohrweg 2

Please register to be present or to follow the talk through a live stream, using the link in the individual announcements. Or subscribe to the newsletter. LION personnel will get the announcements automatically.

Past lectures

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