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Information for lecturers on educational procedures

Course Logistics

Read “Logistics around your course(s) / Teaching Responsibilities in a nut-shell” for a step-by-step description of your teaching duties.

BSc e-prospectus (NL) 
MSc e-prospectus (EN)
BSc schedule
MSc schedule

To access your course in the e-prospectus click here and use your ULCN account to log in. You can modify the content and save the changes necessary. But DON’T do this after you course has started, because you are not allowed to ‘change the rules during the game’.

An important element of the e-prospectus are the learning objectives of your course. See document: Instructions on how to write learning objectives.

Brightspace is the online learning environment of Leiden University. It is used to improve and manage student learning, to display course material, and to communicate with students.

How does Brightspace work?

Go to Brightspace and log in using your ULCN-account.
Please download the instructor’s manual.

At the start of each academic year you will find all courses in Brightspace. The contents of existing course has been copied from the previous year, but new course are obviously almost empty. In both cases, please ensure that your documents are updated and ready before you put it on the ‘availability’ mode for students to access. Instructions:
On the left menu go to control panel > customization > properties > set availability (working screen) on yes > submit.

Our Copy and Print Shops offer a range of services including digital services, reprographics, posters, DTP and print work, and finishing. These services can be requested online or by visiting one of the shops in person. More information can be found at the UFB website. The available services can be roughly divide in:

(1) Printing of education materials, like syllabi: contact cdp@ufb.leidenuniv.nl or tel. 071-5273208.
(2) Printing of posters: contact sign&display@ufb.leidenuniv.nl or tel. 071 – 527 2609.

Student Evaluation

Towards the end of the course, the teacher receives a set of evaluation forms which he/she hands out during the last lecture/class or (preferably) at the end of the exam. Once filled out, the evaluation forms need to be submitted to the management assistant of the Education Director, room 160, Oort building. Within a few weeks the teacher receives an analysis report electronically. Always use the evaluation form that has been provided. If there is not enough please make copies.

Teacher Reflection

Another part of our course evaluation & improvement cycle is the self-reflection report that each lecturers is asked to write after he/she receives the student evaluations. This report should contain an evaluation of the course as a whole, a summary of the student evaluations, and a reflection on aspects to keep and aspects to improve next year. Email this report to eduassist and upload it to the EduArXiv.

Student registration is mandatory

Students must (un)enroll in uSis for all exams, retakes, practical courses and research projects. Non- compliance has implications (see this document for details). Around five days before the examination day the teacher receives a list of students who have enrolled for the exam from a functional mailbox cijferslion@science.leidenuniv.nl Students who are not on the official list can (for now) still participate in the exam, but require written permission of the Exam Committee to validate their grade. The lecturer withholds the grade till that moment and doesn’t communicate it either.


The instructor or examiner has 15 working days after the date of examination to correct the exam and make the results public (via usis, on Brightspace or through email). If you communicate grades to students yourself, only mention the student number and the grade!! (and NEVER use student number in combination with student name). Grading is by a number between 1 and 10. Half integers are also permitted with the exception of 5,5.

Communicate the grades directly to the Science Student Administration (SSA) in the following way: enter the grades on the list that you received from the functional mailbox cijferslion@science.leidenuniv.nl, sign the list (digital signature is allowed) and send it electronically back to the same functional mail address. SSA will enter the grades in usis and hence make them available to the individual students.

Written Exams

The exam paperwork should be offered for inspection by the students either at the teacher’s office or at the Onderwijscoordinator’ s office, HL 202.

If you choose to keep the exam paperwork at your own office, please make sure after a few weeks/months/year you deliver all the paperwork to the Onderwijscoordinator’s office for archiving.

Oral Exams

For oral exams you can use this form and send a signed version to the Science Student Centre mailbox cijferslion@science.leidenuniv.nl 
Please note that a second examiner needs to be present during the oral evaluation and that the form is handed to the Programme Coordinator.

For quality assurance all paperwork for exams and resits needs to be archived in the online archive system EduArxiv especially developed for this purpose. Please find here the guidelines on how to upload your exam and resit paper, solutions and the name of the second reader.
NB: eduArXiv is accessible only from LION desktops or laptops connected to the network via cable!

Student Research Project

Please find in this document all you need to know about the Research Project as a supervisor.

Click here for the process students have to follow for doing their BSc Research Project.

Click here for the process students have to follow for doing their MSc Research Project. Note that this page will be reviewed soon. 

Please visit the student website for Bachelor by selecting the 'Natuurkunde' tab and find the relevant form under  Assessment Criteria (rubric) and Registration Forms 
Please visit the student website for Master to find the relevant form 

The Bachelor Research project is partly completed with a presentation. The presentation is a mandatory part the graduation. The presentation includes project work and is presented to the supervisor(s) and fellow bachelor students and guests who have been invited by the student. 

Students are required to send the following details prior the presentation to the Physics programme coordinator. The presentation will be announced on the Education webpage of Physics.

  • date, time, location ( to be booked by the secretariat of the research group (or if needed by the programme coordinator )
  • title of the presentation
  • name of the research group 
  • name  (titles) of the supervisor (s)

The thesis is also a mandatory part of the Bachelor Research Project. The thesis is evaluated on the basis of 3 criteria as mentioned in the rubric under the heading 'Forms' above. 

In addition, the supervisor needs to conduct a plagiarism check. How does this work?

  • Step 1: Students sends a 'final' pdf version of the thesis to the supervisor. 
  • Step 2: The supervisor needs to perform a plagarism check using the software programme 'Turnitin' in Brightspace. Please use your physicslecturers account to log in and access Turnitin. Download here the instructions for the plagiarism check.
  • Step 3: The supervisor discusses the evaluation with the second corrector and the student and both correctors sign the required forms.
  • Step 6+7: After completing all forms, the student will upload the thesis in the Thesis Repository and the secretary checks the result.

The following document (NL/EN) describes the role of the supervisor in the plagiarism check and the thesis repository in more details:
Stappenproces begeleider Scriptierepositorium (NL)
Process steps supervisor Thesis Repository (EN)

Once the assessment forms and thesis for publication forms are completed and submitted the student needs to upload the thesis in the Leiden Thesis Repository. This is a requisite in order to graduate. 

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