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Physics (MSc)

The Physics master’s programme offers you a research intensive tailor-made study path on current topics in experimental and theoretical physics at an institute of international renown.

What does this master’s programme entail?

The Physics master’s programme is intimately related to the scientific research carried out at the Leiden Institute of Physics. You will spend approximately 50% of your programme on research, as a member of one of our top-level international research groups. We offer five research specialisations, with emphasis on either experimental or theoretical physics, which train you as an independent researcher. We also offer three specialisations that put Physics in broader societal contexts and train you for careers where a Physics background is an asset. Each of these specialisations aims at providing a combination of research independence and content proficiency that fully prepares you for a successful professional development for your professional development.

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Discover why our students choose the Physics master's programme

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Why study Physics at Leiden University?

  • The programme offers a wide choice of individual study paths that take into account individual needs and interests. You can either build a purely academic profile, or you may combine  physics research with education, business studies or science communication.
  • You will carry out at least one research project with one of the research groups of the Leiden Institute of Physics. Research at the department is at the forefront of fundamental modern Physics at an internationally competitive level.
  • At the Leiden Institute of Physics you experience an open, inclusive, and collegial atmosphere. Your weekly routine includes attending colloquia of international speakers, partaking in symposia and participating in lively scientific discussions.

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Physics: the right master’s programme for you?

Are you looking into furthering your education in fundamental questions in physics? Then our Physics master’s programme is the right choice. Whether you are interested in experimental or theoretical research, or cosmology, we offer it all.  You will be trained for a career in research within or outside academia. You can also choose for a more practical-oriented specialisation where you combine one year of Physics research with one year of training in business, communication or education.

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