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Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)


CML’s education programme aims at training (under)graduate and graduate students for integrated and multidisciplinary sustainability research and for better decision making in managing the world’s natural resources, environmental quality and biodiversity.

CML acts as the centre for sustainability expertise in education programmes of Leiden University.

Bachelor program

In the bachelors curriculum CML offers a general interdisciplinary minor on sustainable development. Staffs of the two research programmes of CML, conservation biology and industrial ecology and staff from other university departments, work together in this minor to offer a comprehensive and analytical view of sustainability issues to students from all faculties.
Furthermore CML participates in the bachelor programmes of:

Master programmes

In the Master curriculum CML offers three programs:

  • The Department of Industrial Ecology contributes to different curricula.  First of all we offer a joint Master in Industrial Ecology together with Delft University of Technology.
    This programme is unique in the Netherlands and one of the few programmes in the world that combines students and staff from three disciplinary areas, science, social science and engineering,  with the aim to develop science based solutions for sustainability problems.
  • Connected to this programme we offer an Erasmus Mundus  MIND programme which is organised together with Chalmers (Goteborg, Sweden) and Graz University.
  • Conservation biology education is one of the core themes of the Biology Master specialisation Evolution, Biodiversity and Conservation and provides those interested with the opportunity to specialize in Conservation Biology. This Master specialisation is organised jointly with the Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL) and the Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Naturalis BC).

PhD training

Finally CML participates in national and international PhD training programmes. See the PhD progamme of CML.