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Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)


The institute is lead by the Scientific Director, prof. dr. Arnold Tukker, in collaboration with the Management Team.

The Institute of Environmental Sciences (also know as CML; Centrum voor Milieuwetenschappen in Leiden) is structured as displayed in the organisation chart below.


CML has the following advisory councils:

  • Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board is an external council that advices the Management Team of CML about general strategies, research and education activities and evaluation procedures.

  • Science Council

    The Science Council is an internal council that advices the Management Team of CML and consists of full and associate professors of  CML.

  • Institute's Council

    The Institute's Council (Instituutsraad, IR) is an internal council that represents staff and students. It advises the Management Team of CML on a broad range of topics that concern all people from the CML, such as financial matters, research programs, education and strategic outlines.

Organization chart

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