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Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)

Science Council

The Science Council is an advisory committee to the Board of the Institute and consists of the full and associate professors of the Institute.


  • Prof. dr. J.C. Biesmeijer
  • Prof. dr. ir. P.M. van Bodegom
  • Prof. dr. J.J. Boersema
  • Dr .ir. J.B. Guinée
  • Prof. dr. H.H. de Iongh
  • Dr. E.G.M. Kleijn 
  • Prof. dr. G. Kramer
  • Prof. dr. H.X. Lin
  • Prof. dr. W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg
  • Prof. dr. G.R. de Snoo
  • Prof. dr. A. Tukker (chair)
  • Prof. dr. H.A. Udo de Haes (associate /agendalid)
  • Dr. ing. M.G. Vijver 
  • Dr. E. van der Voet (secretary to the council)

Meetings are not open to the public. 


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