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Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)

More human wellbeing and less resource use and emissions. At the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), we want to protect our planet's biodiversity and natural capital. We want to be leaders in our field in order to make an impact with our natural science research and education. Our goal: to keep the planet livable for ourselves and for future generations. On this website, you can read what we do to achieve that.

Leading institute for quantitative environmental issues

How do we maximise our well-being within the limits of our planet? That's the everyday focus of our scientists. We develop for example spatial modelling and measurements. This is how governments and companies can pursue a better world. Read more about our research.

Education with a passion for a better world

We do more than just research. We educate change-makers who are passionate about making the world a more sustainable place. As a student, you can follow various bachelor's, master's and PhD tracks. Read more about our education.

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