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Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)


CML researches sustainable management of natural resources, environmental quality and biodiversity in a strategic multidisciplinary manner.  Within this scope we offer two distinct research programmes: Environmental Biology and Industrial Ecology, both addressing the relations between human activities and the physical and natural environment.

Two programmes

  • Environmental Biology (CML-EB) focuses on subjects related to understanding the impact humans are having on biodiversity and natural resources and contributes to their optimal management.
  • Industrial Ecology (CML-IE)  is involved in research into the development of decision-making tools for sustainable production and consumption.

Research of these aspects reinforce each other in tackling related issues by different entries, CML-IE provides for instance essential input to CML-EB on spatio-temporal dynamics of anthropogenic stressors impacting biodiversity. Vice versa, quantitative insights on ecosystem services provide crucial information for economic evaluations of resources, which is crucial information for CML-IE. Jointly, CML's  research contributes to sustainable governance of biodiversity and natural resources.

Both Environmental Biology and Industrial Ecology are research areas with local to global dimensions. This is both because of the global character of nature and economy as research subjects and because of responsibility to the international community as defined by environmental conventions and treaties.

Research at CML is a balanced mix of fundamental and applied science for national and European science foundations, and contract research for clients such as the Dutch government and the private sector. Acquisition and acceptance of contract research is geared towards CML's research themes.

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