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Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)


Urban, Food, Water, Biodiversity, Resources and Energy: these are the main research topics of the Institute of Environmental Sciences. We always strive to be a global leader in our field. And make a real impact with both our research programmes.

Maximize human wellbeing and minimize use of resources and emissions

Maximizing human wellbeing and minimizing the use of resources and emissions, to protect the biodiversity and natural capital of our planet. That is our mission. We do this with strategic, natural science based research and education. We aim to be the leader in our field, so we can have maximal impact and keep the planet liveable for you and future generations.

Working on Sustainable Development Goals

Our research is focussed on Economy, Society and Biosphere. And we take into account the critical limits of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our research programmes

  • Environmental Biology: focuses on subjects related to understanding the impact humans are having on biodiversity and natural resources and contributes to their optimal management.
  • Industrial Ecology: managing human impact on nature, focusses on biodiversity (our natural capital)

Research in living labs:

The ditches of the Living lab where Leiden researchers practice education and research
In the Living Lab we do research on biodiversity in a unique outdoor lab
Researchers plant rice
In the Polderlab Vrouwe Venne Leiden scientists, citizens and farmers jointly investigate how to sustainably manage peat meadowland
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