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Master Industrial Ecology

Information about the Master's programme Industrial Ecology jointly organised by Leiden University and Delft University of Technology.


The Master's programme Industrial Ecology is jointly organised by Leiden University and Delft University of Technology.

Industrial Ecology is an emergent scientific discipline that promotes a systemic approach to human problems, integrating technical, environmental and social aspects. It is argued that this approach will show the way to sustainable development. For that reason Industrial Ecology is considered to be the "toolbox for sustainable development" or the "science of sustainability".

Further information

The Master's programme Industrial Ecology website (temporarily under construction) is the central place where everything related to this master's programme can be found.


A list of all courses given in the first and second year is given at the master industrial ecology website:

Each of these courses are part of the regular Master programme Industrial Ecology. All of these courses are also open as elective course to students from other studies. In some cases there are preconditions having to do with disciplinary background. Also priority rules may be valid in some courses. At CML and of course your own student advisor may provide information whether and how these courses may fit in your study programme.

During the master's industrial ecology you have to fill part of your curriculum with courses of your own choice and interest (18EC) and you have to do your master's thesis research (36EC):

Admission and Application