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Computer Science

Data science

The majority of scientists, from archaeologists through to zoologists, collect huge volumes of data. Their massive databases contain large amounts of information which is difficult for humans to filter. With a solid grounding in statistics, we can develop algorithms for analysing and identifying patterns in the big data from many specialist fields, without the need for prior knowledge.

Leiden Centre of Data Science

At the Leiden Centre of Data Science, we make our expertise available to other faculties at the University of Leiden, and beyond. A series of successful and promising research projects are currently underway. The University-wide Data Science research programme has been established to ensure the structured embedding of computer science in the research efforts of all of Leiden University faculties.

Sport Data Center

We are part of the Sport Data Center, a national consortium that focuses on innovation in sport, in the Netherlands. The applications are manifold. They include analysing the data to bring about improvements in tactics, or materials. We are also able to filter information about match fixing from the overall data, or determine what is needed to get people active.