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Research programme

Health Data Science special interest group

The SIG Health data science is one of the special interest groups linked to the Data Science Research Programme and SAILS, the university wide AI programme. Group leaders are Wessel Kraaij, Marco Spruit and Marta Fiocco.

Wessel Kraaij

Research topics

Health research, medical practice and consequently the whole population is increasingly affected by digitization, data science and AI.  The possibilities for improving health outcomes on the individual, group and population level are vast, since more data becomes available and is increasingly being combined for improved risk detection, diagnosis, treatment and etiological research. Our group is concerned with analysing structured and unstructured data sources (real world data, routine care data, environmental data) for extracting new knowledge or prediction of health outcomes, by e.g. designing digital biomarkers and update /calibrate published models (the evidence base).


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