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Computer Science & AI

Bachelor Q&A (English)

On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

Questions about the study

The study advisor can guide, advise and inform you about your study. You can ask the study advisor questions about:

Contact dr. Jeannette de Graaf for Computer Science.

Contact drs. Ilja van den Brandt for:

  • Computer Science and Economics
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics: only students who started their study before 2023-2024.


For practical questions related to your bachelor, you can contact the education coördinator.

Questions about transcripts, petitions, certifications, and uSis you can send to the SSA.

If you have any questions about the content of the courses you can contact the lecturer.

Many answers you can also find on the Student Care website.

Transcript of Records

Do you need a transcript of records or (certified) grade list? You can request these at the Science Students Administration, or request one per mail by sending an e-mail to transcript@science.leidenuniv.nl. Please mention your programme (bachelor) in the subject line.

Certified copies

Do you need a certified copy of your diploma? You can download a certified extract of your diploma from the DUO diploma registry (Dutch government education agency). This has the same status as a certified copy in the Netherlands.

Grades or uSis

Do you have a question in regards to your grades or uSis? Please contact the student administration, Anita van der Tang, email address: cijfersliacs@science.leidenuniv.nl

Enroll/disenroll from courses in uSis


Use uSis to enroll for courses. When you enroll for a course here, you will automatically get access to the Brightspace-page associated with it.

You can find more information on enrolling/disenrolling here.

If you encounter any issues, please contact usis-fwn@science.leidenuniv.nl


For more information on Brightspace you can view the University’s manuals. For other questions or issues you can contact the Universiteit Leiden helpdesk.

My Timetable

In MyTimetable you can find schedules for all courses and bachelors, so you can put together your personal schedule. Education activities that you have signed up for in uSis will automatically be displayed in your personal calendar. You can connect My Timetable to a calendar app on your phone, and any changes to your schedule will automatically be shown. It’s also possible to receive an email notification in the event of a rescheduling.

Questions? Watch the video instruction, read the manual or contact the ISSC helpdesk.

Extended examination time

Do you have reason to believe you might need more time during exams or do you need other assistance?

Schedule a meeting with the student dean, Kaiserstraat 63, Leiden. Click this link for more information.

If the student dean agrees you need extra time, a statement will be drafted and sent to your study advisor and/or the Examination Committee, who will have to approve the request. If your request is approved you will receive an email/letter with more information.

In any case you must contact the Educational Office at least 4 weeks ahead of the examination period, to let us know when you need a laptop/other assistance. If you have put in such a request and decide not to take the examination, you should also let us know. If you are in need of extra time there is no reason to contact us, it will be handled during the exam.

Want to become a student assistent?

If you have completed your propaedeutic year you are eligible to become a student assistant. Twice per year (fall and spring semesters) we send out an email with all the courses for which student assistants are required, and instructions on how to apply.

It is possible you will be tasked with revising coursework, or giving instructions during a practicum. This is decided by the teacher of the course you are assisting.

You are hired from September 1st until January 31st or from February 1st until June 30th (including vacation).

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