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Computer Science & AI


The Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) offers bachelor and master level education in computer science at Leiden University. We are known for our scientifically based education and for our open atmosphere.

​​​​​​​Broad scope

Due to our broad research scope, we have knowledge about all computer science areas, such as data science, machine learning and computer vision. As a student in one of our bachelors or masters, you will be educated by our researchers. That means that you will learn to look at research questions from a scientific point of view.

Applicable science

Furthermore, in Leiden, computer science is interwoven with all other academic fields. So studying at LIACS will enable you to make a bridge between computer science and mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, economics, linguistics, law, history, psychology, medicine, archeology, governmental sciences or even gaming. This will make your time at LIACS very dynamic and applicable.

Our bachelor and master programmes

LIACS takes care of the two Dutch-spoken Bachelor tracks (BSc) Informatica, with specialisations Informatica & Economie and Bioinformatics and a bachelor Data science and AI and the three English-spoken Master programmes (MSc) Computer Science, ICT in Business and Mediatechnology.

Information on choosing your study

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Information for current students

Are you studying Computer Science at Leiden University and are you looking for information on your education? Go to the university's education website.

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