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Wessel Kraaij

Professor of Applied data analytics

Prof.dr.ir. W. Kraaij
+31 71 527 5778

Wessel Kraaij is a member of the interdisciplinary research programme Society, Artificial Intelligence and Life Sciences (SAILS). He is an expert in dealing with unstructured information, be it text, video or sensor data. He is developing new methods and models to organize data, search and recommend data relevant for a user/context or discover patterns that could be a starting hypothesis for new knowledge. Example applications include: self management of stress at work using wearables, video search by example, finding side effects in patient forum posting or assistive communication tools for people with aphasia. Wessel Kraaij is also affiliated to TNO as a principal scientist ‘data analytics’.

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Postdocs and External PhD Candidates

Applied Data Analytics concerns the methodologies and techniques to extract value from large volumes of heterogeneous unstructured data. Examples of unstructured data are: text, video or sensor data generated by wearables or deviced connected through the Internet of Things.

Wessel Kraaij has been working with unstructured data for two decades. Initially he worked in the domain of (text) Information Retrieval on models for topic detection and tracking, cross language retrieval and summarization. Later he moved to multimedia information retrieval and has been scientific co-coordinator of the influential global NIST TRECVID benchmark since 2003.

More recently, he moved to the digital health domain and started a research line on contextual reasoning by means of the COMMIT/ SWELL project.

His current interests are  related to the application of data science methods on personal and population level health and lifestyle data.

Professor of Applied data analytics

  • Science
  • Leiden Inst of Advanced Computer Science

Work address

Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Room number BE2.09




  • TNO principal scientist
  • Holland Health Data Cooperatief U.A. Board member
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