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Project Office

Are you thinking about writing a proposal? Or did you get a project awarded? The Project Office is there to help you! 

Preparation of a proposal

Do you have an idea for a proposal, have you seen an interesting grant opportunity or do you want to apply for a grant? Always contact the Project Office as soon as possible. The PO-team will advise and support you with everything concerning your proposal. In the pre-proposal stage, the PO-team can: 

  • Discuss possible funding programs that could fit your idea 
  • Help you plan your application 
  • Support you in developing the concept of your proposal 
  • Bring in relevant experts tailored to your needs 

When you send in a request, you will get an answer within one week

Writing the proposal

In the writing stage, there is a lot to think about. The Project Office offers  support and advice for your grant proposals and research projects, including: 

  • Checking the deadlines of the call 
  • Checking the requirements of the call, both academic and budgetary 
  • Advice on consortium formation in case of larger grants 
  • Help with IP and legal matters 
  • Advice on data management 
  • Development of the proposal and proposal review 
  • Preparing the required documents 
  • Help with the signature of documents  
  • Budgets and financial matters (contact the Financial Administration, CC the Project Office)

Please contact the Project Office as early as possible and note that there is a deadline of 6 weeks for proposal review, signatures and financial support!  

The result

When you are informed about the final result of the grant application, please contact the Project Office! The PO-team always want to be informed about the result, also if your application is rejected. 

After the awarding of a project, the Project Office will help you with the things that need to be arranged, such as budgets, IP, legal matters and consortium agreements.

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