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Links to various Digital Humanities organizations and resources, mainly in English.

DH Organizations

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Learning Materials on Digital Skills at Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDS)

Python tutorial: 

Linked Open Data tutorial: 

Peter Verhaar and Ben Companjen teach courses on coding in Python and on data analysis in R. These are offered three times a year, and can be followed free of charge by students and staff of Leiden University.
See the CDS Calendar for specific dates that these workshops will run. The calendar also lists other workshops facilitated by the Centre for Digital Scholarship, e.g. FAIR, Copyright, Data Management Planning, Open Access and Scholarly Publishing.

Paul Vierthaler's video lectures on Programming in Python:

Materials on Digital Skills - to be published
Peter Verhaar is in the process of publishing all his learning materials on digital skills on eduSources - a platform for OER managed by SURF. This is a project with Anna Benjamins and Frederik Harmsen from Ecolé. We plan to create a collection of open materials on topics such as network analysis, database design, GIS and data analysis.


DH Blogs by Organizations

  • Digital Humanities Now:  digitalhumanitiesnow.org/
    Digital Humanities Now aggregates digital humanities content that is published on various blogs across the internet. They provide links to job postings, funding opportunities, calls for papers, and more.
  • DHdBlog
    A German blog that posts calls for papers, among other things.
  • Digital Humanities: Works in Progress:  wip.cch.kcl.ac.uk/
    A blog outlining ongoing projects at King’s College.
  • UCLDH Centre for Digital Humanities Blog:  blogs.ucl.ac.uk/dh/
    A blog offering posts on news in DH at UCL.
  • National Library of the Netherlands DH Blog
  • Digital Humanities Lab Denmark:  dighumlab.com/blog/

DH Blogs by Individual Scholars

  • Miriam Posner’s Blog:  miriamposner.com/blog/
    Miriam Posner blogs about her research and provides tutorials and pedagogical advice related to the digital humanities
  • The Dragonfly’s Gaze
    A blog by Cristof Schöch focused on computational text analysis.
  • The Stone and the Shell
    Ted Underwood’s blog, focused on his research in literary history.
  • Sapping Attention:  sappingattention.blogspot.com/
    Ben Schmidt blogs about large debates within the digital humanities, including both digital history and literary studies.
  • Bethany Nowviskie’s Blog:  nowviskie.org/
    Bethany Nowviskie blogs about methods, infrastructure, and the digital humanities
  • The Scottbot Irregular:  scottbot.net/
    Scott Wieingart blogs about network analysis, the history of science, and academic life.
  • "Gravitation program The Multilingualism Laboratory - Complete bibliography and abstract". PDF Here 
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