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Links to various Digital Humanities organizations and resources, mainly in English.

DH Organizations

DH Centres

DH Blogs by Organizations

  • Digital Humanities Now:  digitalhumanitiesnow.org/
    Digital Humanities Now aggregates digital humanities content that is published on various blogs across the internet. They provide links to job postings, funding opportunities, calls for papers, and more.
  • DHdBlog
    A German blog that posts calls for papers, among other things.
  • Digital Humanities: Works in Progress:  wip.cch.kcl.ac.uk/
    A blog outlining ongoing projects at King’s College.
  • UCLDH Centre for Digital Humanities Blog:  blogs.ucl.ac.uk/dh/
    A blog offering posts on news in DH at UCL.
  • National Library of the Netherlands DH Blog
  • Digital Humanities Lab Denmark:  dighumlab.com/blog/

DH Blogs by Individual Scholars

  • Miriam Posner’s Blog:  miriamposner.com/blog/
    Miriam Posner blogs about her research and provides tutorials and pedagogical advice related to the digital humanities
  • The Dragonfly’s Gaze
    A blog by Cristof Schöch focused on computational text analysis.
  • The Stone and the Shell
    Ted Underwood’s blog, focused on his research in literary history.
  • Sapping Attention:  sappingattention.blogspot.com/
    Ben Schmidt blogs about large debates within the digital humanities, including both digital history and literary studies.
  • Bethany Nowviskie’s Blog:  nowviskie.org/
    Bethany Nowviskie blogs about methods, infrastructure, and the digital humanities
  • The Scottbot Irregular:  scottbot.net/
    Scott Wieingart blogs about network analysis, the history of science, and academic life.
  • "Gravitation program The Multilingualism Laboratory - Complete bibliography and abstract". PDF Here 
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