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Opportunities with LUCDH or Partners

Check back regularly on this page for research opportunities of interest to Humanities staff and students employing digital tools and methodology.

Research Opportunities

The Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University invites applications for five two-year full-time post-doctoral research positions in the Humanities, to begin no later than 1 December 2022. The positions are divided over themes from the Faculty's Strategic Plan: one position for Environmental Humanities, two positions for Methodologies of the Humanities, and two positions that are tied to the Netherlands Institute in Morocco.

See link for further info, and apply via the blue button on this page:
Faculty of Humanities - 5 two-year post-doctoral research positions

Applications must be received no later than 13 August 2022. 

Queries can be directed to Marcel Belderbos, senior policy advisor of the Faculty of Humanities, email: m.c.belderbos@hum.leidenuniv.nl, or to Professor Albert de Jong, Academic Director of the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies, email: a.f.de.jong@hum.leidenuniv.nl 

Two-year postdoctoral position in spatial and network analysis


Check out the exciting Current Research Projects with openings for research traineeships. Various closing dates for applications.

The VALUE Foundation aims to design, facilitate, and conduct worldwide research, development, and outreach on the crossroads of gaming and academia. They are open to many types of collaborations at the interface of play and knowledge, whether volunteer or professional, from the gaming community and industry or research and education field. To get in touch please use their contact page.

PlayTime will be looking for PhD candidates in fall 2022!

See https://playfultimemachines.com/.

PlayTime is embedded in a lively community of play, game and heritage scholars at LUCAS, Leiden University’s Centre for the Arts in Society, and beyond. All team members are also members of the LUCDH, Leiden University’s Centre for the Digital Humanities.

See also Vidi grant award to Angus Mol for the research project 'A Study of the Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics of the Past in Video Games'

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