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Digital Lab

The new Digital Lab@Veth is designed for staff and students who are looking for a place to work, experiment, and find support for their digital research

Digital Lab P.J. Veth 1.07

Why and for whom?

Humanities research and education have an important role to play in our increasingly digital world. The Digital Lab@Veth is part of a multi-pronged strategy by the Faculty’s Centre for Digital Humanities (LUCDH) that is designed to help all of us meet the challenges and opportunities that come with this role.

Maybe you are a member of staff or a student who is already well-versed in digital media and tools but need advanced equipment and a community of specialists to take your work to the next level? Or are you someone who would like to learn how to bring digital methods into your scholarly practice but need a place to learn and experiment and a support group to start? Then this is the place for you.

Digital Lab P.J. Veth 1.07

What’s there?

The Digital Lab can be found in the P.J. Veth building in room 1.07. In the lab you will find the following:

  • 2 graphically capable desktops (for e.g. intensive multimedia work, crunching through bigger datasets, and projects that require installation of specific software or programming environments)
  • 2 high-speed processor desktops (for e.g. data crunching or text analysis)
  • 18 Laptops with standard Lipsius installation to use at (group)workstations or bring your own laptop, there is easy access to power outlets
  • Microcomputers (Raspberry Pi) for experimentation and tinkering
  • Virtual Reality headset (Oculus)
  • 3D printer (Ultimaker)
  • Software managed by LUCDH

A Recording Studio next door in P.J. Veth 1.06 that can be used for making podcasts/vodcasts or livestreams. The Studio is set up for 4 people to use the mics, and space for 3 guests. 

The apparatus is very user friendly! However, if you have never used the Studio before, join Angus Mol for a mini-tour of the Studio with an explanation of how the recording equipment works. Angus will give this mini-tour, usually every first Thursday of the month, 15:00-15:30. Please email digital-lab@hum.leidenuniv.nl if you would like to attend a session (as space is limited) or to arrange a different time. You can also use this email to reserve time slot(s) when ready to create your podcast(s). At present, time slots can be booked for Mon-Fri 13:00 - 17:00

You can check here for available timeslots on the Studio calendar, before emailing lucdh@hum.leidenuniv.nl to book a timeslot. The calendar will open in a separate browser window. Click the 3 dots (...) to show details in the right-hand margin of the Outlook calendar. The Studio bookings are indicated with Podcast or P.J. Veth 1.06.

Important Notes:
A technician will not be present during the recording of your podcast; therefore, you will need to know how the equipment works or sign up for a tour of the Studio beforehand. Audacity is installed on the desktop computer in the Studio for making recordings. Or you can bring your own laptop and there is a cable to link to the recording equipment. If you will be linking to guests/interviewees outside the Studio, please let us know beforehand so we can help with setting this up.
Remember to save your work on your laptop or bring a USB stick for this!

Recording Studio P.J. Veth 1.06

A Digital Hub

More important than hardware, you will also be able to find others here who take a specific interest in digital tools and thinking. For instance, during opening times (see the Lab’s webpage), there will always be people present who know their way around the lab and digital tools, can answer your questions, or know others who will. Furthermore, the Lab will also host workshops on things like R, digital mapping, networks, and interactive storytelling. These will usually take place once a month on Friday afternoon.

How do I use the lab?

When the lab is open:

  • Just walk in. The digital lab is now open again for drop-ins every afternoon, 13:00 - 17:00. Seating for 25.
  • A staff member of LUCDH is always present. Email us if you have specific questions about software for a project you are working on, and need specific assistance with it.
  • If machines are not in use or reserved, you can just use them.
  • If you are using one of the lab computers:
    - Clear your browsing history.
    - Remember to save your own work to an external memory drive or to the cloud! We cannot guarantee your work will be saved locally on our lab computers. 
  • Take a seat and work at one of the tables.

Want to join an LUCDH workshop?

  • Check under Activities, and register usually via email or a FormDesk. 

Want to discuss organizing a gathering in the Digital Lab. Any questions or comments? We would love to hear them! 

Want to make a booking of the Digital Lab for a gathering or for teaching?

Want to use the recording studio in 1.06?


P.J. Veth Building
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