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Extra challenges

Leiden University gives you every opportunity to broaden your horizons, both literally and figuratively. By stimulating you to get the best out of yourself, for example, with additional, more challenging programmes.

While you are studying at Leiden University we’ll give you the best possible support and we’ll challenge you if you can, and want to, do more. Which is why, in addition to our regular programmes, we offer more extensive and in-depth courses with which you can personalise your programme.  

Freedom of choice

From year one and with our binding study advice, we encourage you to take your study seriously. Much of the curriculum, of course, is fixed, but we also give you the freedom to create a challenging study programme for yourself. You can, for example, complement part of your bachelor's programme with:

  • electives
  • a minor
  • a study or internship within the Netherlands or abroad


How would you like to look beyond the confines of your own bachelor’s programme? Or perhaps go into more depth in your own field of expertise? To give your programme a more personal flavour, you can choose from our wide selection of minors. This is a handy option, to say the least, because with such a well-aligned package of subjects you can either broaden your knowledge and competencies or focus more sharply on a specific area.

Studying abroad

Aside from being an unforgettable experience, studying or doing an internship abroad is a chance to broaden your horizons in all sorts of ways. At Leiden University we have a large international network at our disposal and we’ll be happy to make it available to you too.

Priscilla Rasyid

Student South and Southeast Asia Studies

Priscilla Rasyid

"One of the best reasons to opt for this programme is the possibility to study abroad for half a year, for example, in India or in my case Indonesia. You’re not just going to study there and visit exotic places, but you also meet people with a completely other view at the world. You can learn a lot from books and television, but to really understand other people and cultures, is only possible when you communicate with people face-to-face."

Extra programme

Can you handle more than your regular study? In that case, we suggest that you participate in one of our additional programmes.

Double bachelor’s programme

As a student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, but only if you can handle it, you can follow a more intensive study programme in the form of a double bachelor’s programme. You can choose a combination of two of the following studies:

Honours Education

The Honours education is for students and students and teaching staff of different faculties, which makes it multidisciplinary from the very beginning. This means that students are offered an extra challenge, in addition to their regular studies. Characteristics of the honours education are its small scale, personal approach, and future (educational) orientation.

Academy of Creative and Performing Arts

If you have a mind to add art and creativity to your talents, then you really should consider the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts. As a student of Leiden University, you can follow electives at the Royal Conservatoire and the University of the Arts in The Hague. For a bachelor’s or master’s student this could add between 15 and 30 credits to your total, as well as develop your artistic and academic talents. And all at no additional cost!

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