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Leiden University finds it very important that you choose the study programme that is right for you. That’s why we offer so-called matching activities, to help you in your decision.

Study choice check

The study choice check (Studiekeuzecheck) is a digital questionnaire that you will receive after applying for a bachelor’s programme via Studielink.* It contains questions about both you and your study choice: what motivates you, your grades, how you have researched your options so far, and what you expect from your studies and from student life in general.

* Exceptions:                                                                               

  • For the programmes in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Physics, International Relations and Organisations, Fiscal Law, Medicine, Psychology and Security Studies, you will only receive the questionnaire after completing the compulsory matching or selection procedures.
  • The Academic Pabo, Criminology and Leiden University College The Hague do not offer the Study choice check.

Personal report
After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a personal report containing feedback on your responses. On the basis of this, you can evaluate whether a particular study programme matches your expectations and abilities.

Not a method of selection
The Study choice check is not a method of selection; you cannot be refused admission to a programme on the basis of your responses. So there’s no need to make a good impression. Simply be yourself. An accurate picture is essential, for you and us, if you want to make a success of your studies.
After completing a Study choice check you may be invited to meet someone from the study programme, to discuss ways of increasing your chances of study success.

Information activities

Open Day
All study programmes in Leiden and The Hague present themselves to prospective students. Visit information markets, attend presentations by study programmes and get to know your future home town.

Experience days
Along with other prospective students, you’ll attend lectures and review assignments that you have prepared in advance. In doing so, you’ll gain a clearer picture of your chosen study programme and education at Leiden University in general.

Student for a day
Shadow a student for a day and decide whether a study programme is right for you. You’ll take part in real lectures and tutorials and get a taste of university life.

View the information activity agenda

Talk to a study choice advisor

Having trouble making a choice? A study choice advisor can help you to make an informed decision. Call 071-5278025 to make an appointment.

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