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Student associations

Becoming a member of a student association is the best way to quickly feel at home in The Hague. You’ll soon get to know people and you’ll make new friends for life.

Student associations: more than just partying

You might think that student associations are all about partying with your friends. Well, there’s much more to them than that. If you are a member of a student association, a whole new world will open up to you as you come into contact with first-, second- and third-year students from other programmes. Furthermore, by playing an active role in your association you’ll learn new things, such as organisational, delegation and negotiating skills.

The Hague’s student associations

As a student city, The Hague is growing in stature and is gaining more and more student associations. But don’t worry if you’re not sure which one you should join. During The HOP introduction week you can simply drop by them all, talk to existing members and visit their parties. 

Floorball: H.S.K. Floorball
Floorball is a fast-paced, highly dynamic team sport and one of the fastest growing sports in Europe.

Hockey: KZ STUDS, hockeyclub Klein Zwitserland
Klein Zwitserland, the only student hockey club in The Hague, would love to welcome new students. You can sign up individually or as a whole team, or come along for a trial session with no obligation.

Lacrosse: Den Haag Lacrosse
From absolute beginners to national competitions; students of all levels are welcome to play lacrosse and join in fun activities.

Rowing: H.S.R.V. Pelargos
A rowing association that also organises social activities such as get-togethers, parties and committees.

Rugby: The Hague Hornets
As well as sport, this student rugby team also offers fun social activities such as getting together for meals after training sessions.

Tennis: H.L.T.C. Leimonias
This tennis association offers low-cost student membership. You can play a friendly match, take lessons and play in competitions.

Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimus Prime (UP)
Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that requires athletic ability, tactical insight, self-control and team spirit. In addition to training sessions and competitions, the association organises get-togethers, parties and other social activities.

Football: H.V.V. Football Factory
This football association combines the competitive with the recreational, both on and off the pitch. 

Volleyball: Sovicos Volleyball Association
This volleyball association offers a discounted student membership. In addition to indoor and beach volleyball training sessions and matches, Sovicos organises a variety of fun activities.

Sailing: Team Haagse Hogeschool
Haagse Hogeschool is one of the student teams that takes part in the 'Race of the Classics'. This is an annual sailing race in which student teams compete against each other on classic sailing ships.

Afro Student Association
Organises workshops, meetings and social events aimed at students with an African background.

Haagsch Studenten Schutters Korps 'Pro Libertate' 
This association forms a bridge between student society and defence. It organises activities that combine fun with challenge and adventure.

Haagsche Studenten Vereeniging (HSV)
The oldest student association in The Hague, HSV organises a host of activities such as get-togethers, excursions and sports lessons.

H.G.S.V. Philautia
H.G.S.V. Philautia focuses on the LGBTQ+ community and organises social activities aimed at introducing students to their fellow students and the city.

H.S.C. INTAC van Zwijndregt 
This social association organises all sorts of activities such as hockey tournaments, annual galas, sailing trips, winter sports and plenty of parties.

MENA Student Association
This association strives to represent the culture of the Middle East by promoting an inclusive vision of the region. MENA organises a range of social and cultural events throughout the year at which everyone is welcome.

Navigators Student Association Den Haag
This Christian student association has a focus on faith and organises activities with an emphasis on connection and learning.

Student Symphony Orchestra Valerius
The Hague Student Symphony Orchestra Valerius is the youngest orchestra in The Hague.

Organises both substantive and social activities aimed at students with an African background and students who have an affinity with the continent of Africa.

Study associations

In addition to student associations, Leiden University also has several study associations. These bring together students who are following the same programme. They also organise all manner of study-related activities, such as trips and readings, as well as social events like drinks and parties. Not just handy, but fun too!

  • BASIS (International Studies) 
  • L.S.A. Custodia (Security Studies)
  • Fortuna (Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global affairs) 
  • B.I.L. (Public Administration)
  • SPIL (International Relations and Organisations)

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