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Why Leiden University?

High-quality education, a broad choice of bachelor’s programmes and personal support in a student city. And that’s just for starters. Leiden University offers you the ideal basis for enjoying the time of your life and a world-class career.

1. World-class university

Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands and enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation built up over more than four centuries. Since 1575 we’ve provided sound personal education for hundreds of thousands of students. For many years, we’ve been among the leaders in Dutch university rankings and we are currently to be found in a variety of top international rankings too. 

2. Broad educational offering

Is it your ambition to be an archaeologist, arts curator, communications specialist, security adviser, or perhaps a clinical psychologist? At Leiden University you can choose from over 50 bachelor’s and approximately 75 master’s programmes. What’s more, in many of our programmes you yourself select some of the courses you will follow.

3. Personal and challenging education

There are some 28,000 students at Leiden University. But you’ll always be more than just a number; your lecturers will know you by name. We’ll do our utmost to give you the best possible support. And if you can and want to do more, we’ll challenge you at every step of the way. This is why we offer our talented and motivated students honours education and the opportunity to study abroad and why we offer a broad range of minors. Furthermore, you can take part in top-level research on socially relevant topics.

Akif Ayelev

Student International Relations and Organisations

Akif Ayelev

"I find Leiden University to be very liberating. It’s a place where you’re free to express your opinion and are expected to be open to other people’s opinion. Everybody who attends ultimately wants to make the world a better place with future jobs they’re aiming for. That common goal gives a sense of collectiveness. I like the fact that the university is a catalyst of tolerance."

Roxi Hernandez

Student Psychology

Roxi Hernandez

"There is a nice mix of lectures and tutorials, and I like the interaction between students and lecturers in the tutorials. Those are small groups, so there is more room for personal contact, which keeps you engaged. Also, thanks to those small groups it’s easy to get to know people. I now study a lot with the people I got to know through the tutorials, and we keep each other motivated."

Laura Keidann Rodrigues da Silva

Student English Language and Culture

Laura Keidann Rodrigues da Silva

"Leiden and The Hague have a strong international focus and has a rich university history. Leiden University has good rankings and gets positive feedback from people who studied there before me."

4. International reputation

Bachelor’s programmes in English, international classrooms and students and teachers from all over the world: all these things and more make Leiden University a truly international university. And if you’re keen to venture further afield, our global network of over 600 universities and partnerships will make studying abroad a truly unforgettable experience.

5. Leading research university

Leiden University is a leading European research university and we play a key role in scientific research and education. We give our researchers both the space and the resources to excel. Perhaps you too will have what it takes to become a renowned scientist and, who knows, maybe you’ll be the 17th Leiden alumnus to win a Nobel Prize.

6. Excellent career opportunities

Leiden University alumni are found in all professional walks of life and they can count on excellent opportunities in the job market. Three-quarters of our alumni find a job in less than three months. At Leiden University we’re looking forward to helping you start a successful career. From year one we encourage you stay focused on your study choices and future plans.
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7. A fun student city

A fact not to be underestimated is that Leiden is a real student city. At least 10 per cent of the population are students, the city has over 20 student associations and its compact centre is full of cafés, many of which are popular haunts for students. The Hague, Leiden University’s second location, is the Netherlands’ fastest-growing student city and has international allure. And just like Leiden, The Hague is centrally located among the Netherlands’ main cities.
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Where do our international students come from?

Leiden University has international students from about 120 countries. The top 5 countries with the most bachelor students currently studying at Leiden University:

  • 20.6 % Germany
  • 8.9 % United Kingdom
  • 7.3 % Italy
  • 5.7 % France
  • 4.9 % Belgium

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