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Student support services

Leiden University offers intensive support and advice to ensure your studies go smoothly and successfully. However, if they are not going completely according to plan, remember that we can always provide more individual support.

Support from the start

We’ll be there for you with advice and support from the moment you begin your studies. For example, during a personal introductory meeting we’ll put you in touch with a student adviser. Moreover, throughout the year you can count on receiving enough contact hours, the benefit of small mentoring groups and study progress interviews. During your second year you’ll draft a study plan to smoothen the progress of your studies.

Extensive study support

Is studying causing you problems and resulting in a delay? Here too, we have good news, because studying is something you can learn! You can drop by during the student psychologist’s consultation hours, or participate in one of our workshops.

Study adviser

Throughout your studies you can consult a study adviser, who can help you in the following areas:

  • The content and structure of the programme
  • Study and exam arrangements
  • Study planning and approach
  • Graduation choice
  • Internship and electives
  • Studying abroad
  • Thesis problems
  • Impending study delay
  • Referral to the student psychologist and/or counsellors

Student Support Services

Student Support Services in Plexus s a place where you can ask questions about studying or any other issues you can expect to encounter as a student. These include:

  • Study choice and career
  • Study financing
  • Study skills
  • Personal problems
  • Studying abroad

Student counsellor and student psychologist

Are personal circumstances giving you study problems? Or is studying itself causing you serious difficulties? If so, you can visit the student psychologist or student counsellor. They will be pleased to help you solve any problems you might have. The help they provide comprises:

  • One-on-one consultations
  • Workshops in study skills

Studying with a disability

If a disability or functional impairment is making it difficult for you to study, the Fenestra Disability Centre can help. The centre’s experienced and expert staff can support you cope with your studies and complete them successfully. It’s certainly worth speaking to them before you start studying.

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