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Master Track Public Administration: Economics and Governance

The Economics and Governance specialisation of the Master in Public Administration teaches you to formulate problem-solving approaches to concrete policy issues found at the intersection between economics and public administration. This specialisation is a unique joint offering of the Department of Economics and the Institute of Public Administration.

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What does this master's programme entail?

In Economics and Governance students apply modern economics to address societal issues such as reforming pension and healthcare systems in ageing societies, global environmental challenges, the impact of globalization on labour markets and income inequality, and pressure from immigration. This programme offers advanced knowledge and analytical tools on how to use data and statistics in doing analyses, which has become more and more important on today’s and tomorrow’s labour market. Moreover, our programme allows students to increase their economic reasoning skills and to critically evaluate various policy instruments.

The Economics and Governance specialisation aims to develop professionals who are able to analyse and address policy problems broadly, and in the field of social policy and market regulation specifically. The focal point is on welfare states and markets. You learn about the role of government in creating, facilitating and controlling markets. You also examine the status of the current welfare state, such as the pension system, social security, labour markets, and income distribution in society; and the challenges the welfare state currently faces. You are provided a strong multidisciplinary preparation for a professional career in areas such as socio-economic policy- making or market regulation. The combination of applied economics and public governance forms a solid base for policy-makers, consultants and future leaders.

Why study Economics and Governance?

What is unique about this programme is the combination of two disciplines? On the one hand you will apply sound economic analysis to design effective policies to address societal challenges and on the other hand you will learn how to operate successfully in a complex decision-making process. A unique aspect of the programme is that courses are being taught by professors in economics and professors in public administration with hands-on experience in advising policy-makers. Students have the possibility to customise the programme to their individual preferences, with emphasis on either more economics oriented or public administration oriented electives.

  • You will learn to solve key societal problems at the intersection of economics and public administration.
  • You will combine theoretical knowledge with academic and professional skills.
  • You will be instructed by driven professors who are involved in high-level research within your subject and who are experienced with strategic policy advice in practice. 
  • As you will be examining international cases on issues that involve economics and governance.
  • You will develop unique skills that prepare you to become a policy advisor, policy analyst, or consultant after graduation.
  • You will be studying in the heart of The Hague - a bustling, cosmopolitan urban centre and the administrative heart of the Netherlands - amidst government ministries, international organisations and multinationals. Find out more reasons to choose Public Administration.

Economics and Governance: the right master’s programme for you?

  • Are you interested in developing your skills in economic reasoning, conducting economic analysis, and working with data and statistics?
  • Are you interested in the interplay between governance and the world’s economies?
  • Do you want to find solutions to societal issues through a multi-level, multi-stakeholder governance perspective?
  • Do you want a multidisciplinary Master of Public Administration that combines economics and public administration and is taught at a high academic level?

Then this is the study for you! 


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