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Stefano Cucurachi

Assistant professor

Dr. S. Cucurachi
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Professional experience and research Interests

Stefano Cucurachi is an Assistant Professor in Industrial Ecology. An industrial engineer by training, Stefano shifted his focus from optimization in supply chains and logistics’ systems to environmental sciences and industrial ecology. He obtained his PhD from Leiden University in 2014.

During his PhD period at CML, Stefano developed novel methods for assessing impacts of noise, electromagnetic radiation, and light emissions, next to significantly innovating methods for uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in LCA. After his work at the CML, Stefano took up a 6 month short term postdoctoral assignment at ETH Zürich at the Ecological Systems Design group of prof. Stephanie Hellweg. At ETH, Stefano worked on coupling his noise impact assessment model to a large scale agent-based simulation to calculate the noise-footprint of personal mobility demand. In March 2015, Stefano started to work as a postdoctoral research scholar at the University of California, Santa Barbara, at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management with prof. Sangwon Suh. Here, he worked on the evaluation of the potential impacts of novel chemical technologies. This work will allow assessing the impacts of chemicals at an early stage of their development curve, so to minimize their potential future impacts and avoid regrettable product substitutions.

At the Bren School, Stefano has also expanded the breadth of his research by engaging with environmental economists and modelers to better understand the role of quantitative sustainability assessment tools, such as LCA, to drive change and support the global sustainability agenda. In this context, Stefano is currently actively researching the potential contribution of LCA to inform the Sustainable Development Goals launched by the United Nations. The Goals will be the cornerstone of global policy making for sustainability until 2030. Close-collaboration with experts has led Stefano to work also on topics related to cause-effect mechanisms and aggregation of heterogeneous indicators across the environmental, economic and social pillars of sustainability. These are fundamental components to study the interconnections and trade-offs among the Sustainable Development Goals, and they are crucial to strengthen LCA as a decision-support tool. These concepts are also a key feature of the future of LCA science. Stefano returned to CML in March 2017 and he is also an instructor of the Master’s in Industrial Ecology.

Assistant professor

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Van Steenis
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