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Industrial Ecology (MSc)


The Master of Science in Industrial Ecology (IE) offers talented students from around the world the opportunity to enhance their expertise and work on the grand challenge to achieve global prosperity within the planetary boundaries.

René Kleijn

Director of education

René Kleijn

“The unique combination of the scientific and cultural backgrounds of all our students takes discussions to the next level. Learning is not a one way street, students learn from each other and I have also learned a lot from their insightful and inspirational views.”

Els Kroon

Study advisor

Els Kroon

“What I really like about the students of our programme is that they have a broad interest and are idealistic and ambitious. Further, they combine exact, social and engineering sciences, and I believe that’s a great combination.”

What does this master’s programme entail?

The master's programme Industrial Ecology is an emerging scientific discipline that takes a systemic approach to environmental problems. An interdisciplinary approach, integrating technical, environmental and social frames of reference, is essential for sustainable development. The Master in Industrial Ecology is a co-operation between Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. Both universities are at the forefront of the field of Industrial Ecology.

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Why study Industrial Ecology at Leiden University?

  • You will learn concepts such as industrial metabolism, industrial symbiosis, industrial evolution and life cycle thinking, in order to generate innovative solutions as a catalyst for change.
  • We offer an international multidisciplinary environment, where each student brings their own specific bachelor knowledge and cultural background.  We believe that this multidisciplinary approach is the best way to move forward.
  • Collaboration with third parties, such as national or international partner universities, NGOs, industrial partners, or government institutes is encouraged and facilitated.
  • You will be inspired by professors from two world-class universities, who are at the forefront of the field of Industrial Ecology.

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Industrial Ecology: the right master’s programme for you?

The programme is open to students from a wide range of studies in engineering, natural and social sciences.  If you are an idealistic, ambitious and critical thinking student who is looking for the opportunity to enhance expertise and work on the grand challenges facing our world today, this master’s programme is the right choice.

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