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Our researchers are experts in the fields of languages, cultures, history, arts, societies and philosophy. Together we cover almost all continents and time periods. Knowledge of these disciplines contributes to a humane, safe and sustainable world.

We are committed to the development, distribution and application of academic knowledge. In addition, we want to be a reliable beacon in both the academic and the social debate. A large part of the research within the faculty is characterised by an interdisciplinary approach, in which researchers share their knowledge and insights, strengthening their education and research projects.

Within the faculty, people work on one of five research themes

Languages, cultures and societies

Our academics investigate human culture in the broadest sense of the word, both of today and the distant past. They are essential for an in-depth understanding of the history, literature, music and other performing arts of both Western and non-Western societies. But also for current social debates about our social and cultural roots, migration issues, ethical discussions, 'national and religious identity', technological progress and the influence of (social) media, is an in-depth understanding crucial. A number of research dossiers fall within this theme.

Research dossiers

Within the theme 'Languages, cultures and societies' fall a number of academic dossiers:


Research within the faculty takes place at seven institutes.

Research centres

Graduate School

The Graduate School of the Faculty of Humanities offers a range of PhD programmes across the entire spectrum of the humanities.

Academic Integrity

Adacemic integrity is of paramount importance to the Faculty of Humanities. The faculty cooperates with the faculties of Archaeology, Law, Governance and Global Affairs, and Social and Behavioural Sciences in the Ethics committee for Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).

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