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Centre for Indigenous Americas Studies

The Centre for Indigenous America Studies (CIAS) at Leiden University is designed to coordinate and promote the teaching and research of Indigenous languages, literatures, cultures and cultural heritage.

Our aim is to contribute to an increased acknowledgement, recognition and understanding of Indigenous knowledge systems and the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas.

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Winners CIAS small grants

Our call for proposals for CIAS small grants has yielded an impressive amount of excellent research proposals. We would have loved to support all of these initiatives, but unfortunately limited amounts of funds forced us to pick 5 of the proposals. It was extremely hard to decide, but in the end, based on various parameters, we have chosen to fund the following projects, in alphabetical order of contact person:

Salvaguarda do Patrimônio Linguístico e Cultural de Povos Indígenas Transfronteiriços e de Recente Contato da Região Amazônica - Bruno Ribeiro Marques, Universidade Federal de São Carlos (PPGAS, UFSCar)

Archaeology and Indigenous Sovereignty in Darién, Panama - Natalia R. Donner, Fac. Archeology, Leiden

Jóvenes kichwas de la comunidad de Chirihuasi - Elvis Tuquerres, PROYECTO KICHWAWA

Mayan languages in contact: Awakateko and K’iche’ in Guatemala - M. Carmen Parafita, LUCL, Leiden

CÓDICE_MIXTECOS.COM - Omar Aguilar Sánchez, Fac. Archeology, Leiden

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