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The Faculty of Humanities in Leiden is unique in its research, education, valorisation and breadth of languages, cultures, arts and societies of the world, in their historic context, from prehistory to the present. Humanities’ research and education at Leiden are among the top 30 in the world (THE).

We develop knowledge that is used to understand and indicate the major questions in our society. The importance of our research and education is visible.

The success of our students comes first. We are involved and view inquiry-based learning as the core of our education. The education we offer is small-scale where possible and we provide room for customisations such as personal learning trajectories and an honours programme for ambitious students. At Leiden University we provide a talent programme for secondary school students.   

We train students to be critical thinkers, academic professionals and involved citizens with international and intercultural skills who can contribute to solutions for the challenges that our society faces. That is why we consider occupational orientation and preparing students for the job market to be important.

Discover the world at the Faculty of Humanities

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