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Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives (BA)


This unique programme in Philosophy offers you comparative perspectives from around the globe, enabling you to become part of the next generation of thinkers: those who are studying and shaping philosophy for a globalised 21st century.

Lisanne Stoffer


Lisanne Stoffer

"You learn how to think in precise terms and formulate exactly what you want to say.  For philosophers, an argumentation structure is almost a form of higher maths. But it sounds harder than it really is, because an argumentation structure that is well constructed gives you some firm guidelines."

Frank Chouraqui

University lecturer

Frank Chouraqui

"I address questions about the place of the human in the world, and what makes human experience special. How do historical and symbolic factors, such as culture and myths, make us different from other living things?"

Jaap van Diggele


Jaap van Diggele

"A philosophy background is really useful in dealing with other cultures. As well as clearly formulating your own opinions, you also learn to empathise with what the other person is thinking. You ignore prejudices or one-sided viewpoints. Because you see the differences between people so clearly, you reach agreements more easily and you’re able to get on with working towards reaching a compromise."

Why study Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives?

Philosophy challenges you to question prejudices and be open to new points of view. The Leiden programme is unique in offering you the cross-cultural dimension of Comparative Philosophy in which the world’s traditions of thought mutually inform and enrich each other. You will study the philosophies of India, East Asia, and the Arab world in addition to the West, gaining a global context for thought. This is significant in today’s globalising world in which are in high demand.

Study the BA Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives at Leiden University

Why Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives at Leiden University?

  • Unique in The Netherlands and one of the few programmes worldwide to feature traditions of thought from India, East Asia, Europe and the Arab world, while focusing on opportunities for interaction and comparison.
  • International academic environment and teaching based on the long, globally-recognised tradition of excellent Leiden scholarship.
  • Offers small tutorial groups for in-depth discussion and skills training, as well as a thorough mentoring by senior students and dedicated staff.

Is this the programme for you?

  • Do you enjoy discussing current issues in science and society?
  • Do you want to know more about the history of the concepts we use to frame those issues? And do you want to know about the alternative concepts used in other cultures?
  • Are you stimulated by high levels of abstraction?
  • Do you sometimes feel that current debates fail to address the proper questions?
  • Are you willing to challenge assumptions?

Then Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives is the programme for you.

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