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Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives (BA)

Career prospects

Excellent career opportunities await our Philosophy graduates. And this is all thanks to the strong academic competences and intercultural skills they acquire, not to mention the extensive training in approaching and processing complex ideas from a logical, science-based position.

What will your professional field be?

As a graduate of the Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives bachelor’s programme you will have developed strong academic and intercultural skills, a high level of resourcefulness and a broad outlook that will greatly increase your appeal for prospective employers. Moreover, the hands-on experience that you will have gained in processing complex concepts will make you well positioned to take on a variety roles, in several different sectors.

Lisanne Stoffer


Lisanne Stoffer

“I’ve been taken on by a consultancy firm that advises local authorities on how to handle phenomena such as population shrinkage, problem youths and population ageing. All these are issues for which there are no simple answers, and which we philosophy students are very used to!”

Graduates of Leiden University’s Humanities Faculty can look forward to exceptional career prospects. A 2016 survey revealed that 71 per cent found jobs within two months of graduating, 90 per cent within six months, and almost all found suitable positions with 12 months. Philosophy graduates found work in the following sectors:

Where do our students find work?

  • 22.0 % Education and research
  • 17.0 % Business consultancy
  • 11.0 % Culture
  • 6.0 % Communication
  • 6.0 % Non-profit (e.g. at an idealistic organisation)
  • 6.0 % ICT
  • 5.0 % Journalism
  • 5.0 % Government and semi-government organisations
  • 22.0 % Other

Source: Job market survey 2016 among Philosophy graduates. Humanities Student Career Service

In concrete terms graduates of the Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives bachelor’s programme can expect to find positions that include:

  • Policy advisor or consultant for governments and NGOs
  • Journalist or writer for a newspaper or magazine
  • Teacher or researcher
  • Editor or publisher
  • Communication consultant
  • Cultural entrepreneur

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