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Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives (BA)

Career prospects

What is your preferred career path? Is it advice and coordination that attract you most? Would you like to work in a job that involves coaching? Or does working in a non-profit appeal to you? You will find that your degree in Philopsohy: Global and Comparative Perspectives is a perfect preparation for the career of your choice.

These skills will help you

As a graduate of this BA programme, you will not only possess knowledge and understanding of the many aspects of philosophy, but you will also have acquired academic and intercultural skills that will greatly enhance your prospects on the job market. These skills involve critical thinking, the ability to work independently as well as in teams, and skills in communication and problem-solving. If you have also gained relevant work experience during your studies, this will help you find the job of your dreams even faster.

Our job market survey shows that 44% of our graduates find a job within two months, and 67% of those find a job at academic or higher professional education level immediately.

Emma Abdi Wansbrough


Emma Abdi Wansbrough

"Learning about the different ideas, traditions, and ways people from all over the world think had a big impact on me. Such insights help me start cross-cultural dialogue. For example, if you want to work at an NGO, knowing of foreign cultures and ways of thinking will help you enormously. There are many possible master’s you can do after a bachelor's degree in Philosophy. I'm going to do a master's in law to have a better understanding of the judicial system, so I can help improve educational systems."

Lisanne Stoffer


Lisanne Stoffer

“I’ve been taken on by a consultancy firm that advises local authorities on how to handle phenomena such as population shrinkage, problem youths and population ageing. All these are issues for which there are no simple answers, and which we philosophy students are very used to!”

What will your professional field be?

Your degree in Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives means that you will be an attractive candidate for a variety of employers. For example, you could work for the government or in consultancy, the non-profit sector, IT or education.

  • 38 % Government and semi-government organisations
  • 25 % Consultancy
  • 13 % Non-profit (e.g. at an idealistic organisation)
  • 13 % IT
  • 13 % Education
  • 11 % Other

Source: Job market survey 2020 among Philosophy graduates 2016-2019. Career Service Humanities.

Where our alumni work

  • Rotterdam City Council
  • Ymere Amsterdam
  • Kanselarij der Nederlandse Orden
  • Ashram College
  • Royal Air Force

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