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Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives (BA)

Extra challenge

Are you ready to take on an extra challenge during your Leiden Bachelor programme? With options like the Honours College, The Humanities Lab and the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) you can broaden your academic programme or add extra depth, intensity and ECTS – even a dual degree – to it.

Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA)

Interested in combining your Leiden Humanities Bachelor programme with courses in the fine arts? With the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) it’s possible! ACPA is a research institute, a collaboration that combines the strengths of  Leiden University and the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. In addition to research, ACPA is an intersectional organisation that offers academic education for art students, arts education for students of Leiden University, and cultural events that bridge art and science. 

More information about the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts

Honours College

Do you think you can cope with an additional challenge that will help you get the most out of your study? If so, participate in our Honours College and develop your talents to the full. The Honours College is an extracurricular programme that has been specifically designed for bachelor’s students who can, and want to, do more. With our excellent guidance and education on a small scale you’ll discover talents you didn’t know you had and be given the opportunity to get the most out of yourself. The Honours College will earn you extra credits, as well as a certificate if you complete it. It starts in the second half of the first year with an orientation course and lasts until the end of the bachelor’s programme.

As student of the Faculty of Humanities you can attend the Honours College programme of your own faculty. However it is also possible to attend a programme of one of the other faculties.

Humanities Lab

The Humanities is the field of study that includes everything that make humans human. We have different cultures and languages. Different groups have their own histories, which they tell stories about. We produce and enjoy music, theatre, paintings and films. All these typical human activities and the products thereof are studied in the humanities, and have been for centuries.

With expedition you can either dive into a subject in more detail or expand your horizons. With different elective topics at hand you will research the differences and similarities between humanities, social and life sciences. You receive challenging, small-group, intensive instruction from top scholars, specialists who have earned their name in education and research.

The programme includes elements like guest lectures, seminars and excursions. For example, you can learn how to make a documentary, design an opinion page or draft a policy document. It gives you the chance to gain the needed practical experience, which also enhances your regular degree programme.

  • Location: Leiden
  • Language: Dutch and English
  • Open to all bachelor students of Leiden University

For more information, visit humanitieslab.nl.

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