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The application period for Leiden minor programmes is from 1 May (07:00 hrs.) up to and including 31 July, but the deadline for applying is earlier for a number of minors. The application procedure is not the same for all students.

The procedure

There are different application procedures for different groups of students: 

1. Students at Leiden University

Information about applying for the minors and what the admission criteria are for Leiden University students can be found on the university website for students. Make sure you apply in time, and bear in mind that each minor has a maximum number of seats and that in May we reserve 33 per cent of the places of each minor for students of  TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam. This is in the context of our collaboration with these two universities within the  Leiden•Delft•Erasmus alliance. Delft en Rotterdam also reserve one-third of the places in their minors for students of the LDE partners during the month of May.  

2. Students at TU Delft or Erasmus University Rotterdam 

Students at the partner universities in the Leiden•Delft•Erasmus alliance who want to take a minor in Leiden, should apply in May via a special admission form, available on this website from 1 May 09:00 hrs. up to and including 31 May. During this period, 33 per cent of the places will be reserved for students at the two partner universities. After this, admission will be via the faculty and/or coordinator of the relevant minor, but to be sure of a place, it is advisable to apply in May via the application form. For the application procedure after May, please see the information under 4. Other students from outside Leiden University. Contact details for each minor are included in the e-Prospectus. Any questions about the minor will be answered by the relevant contact person.

3. Leiden students who want to apply for a minor at TU Delft or Erasmus University

Under the same conditions as mentioned above at 2, Leiden students can apply for TUD and EUR minors.

4. Other students from outside Leiden University

External students can apply for just 1 Leiden minor in the period from 1 May up to and including 31 July. They should fill in a registration form and register via the faculty and/or minor coordinator in the e-Prospectus indicated for the minor in question. Any questions about the minor will be answered by the relevant contact person.

Notification of placement

Applying for a minor does not automatically mean that you have a place. In principle, Leiden students have priority over external students for Leiden minors, with the exception of students at EUR and TUD who have applied in May. 

Leiden students can see in uSis whether they have a place in their chosen minor or are placed on the waiting list. In the second half of June, EUR and TUD students who applied for a Leiden minor in May will hear about their placement in the second half of June. This also applies to Leiden students who applied in May for minors in Delft or Rotterdam. 
EUR and TUD students who applied after May and external students will be notified at the end of  August/start of September whether they have a place in their chosen Leiden minor. 
Once their place has been confirmed, non-Leiden students will receive instructions about how they can register for the minor and the separate minor subjects via uSis, Leiden's student administration system.

Changed your mind?

Any student who decides not to take the minor after applying should de-register as soon as possible via the coordinator for the minor or the contact person indicated in the e-Prospectus. This means that their place can then be offered to another student. 

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