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Support your alma mater

In dozens of study rooms, libraries and laboratories, passionate scientists – with the support of the donors of the Leiden University Fund – are working on a fundamental understanding of the world and the people around us. They make the unknown known and push the boundaries of existing fields of science.

With a donation to the Leiden University Fund (LUF), you not only enable groundbreaking research at your alma mater, but you also support the scientists of the future. With various grants, the LUF contributes to a lively study climate in which every student, in Leiden and The Hague, can develop optimally. In order to realise all this, the support of individuals and organizations is becoming increasingly important. Together with you, the LUF allows ambitions to blossom, innovative ideas become reality and special projects see the light of day.

How can you contribute?

Because the university can only fund part of all research, your contribution creates the opportunity for more scientific research. Can you help prevent groundbreaking projects from being shelved? This can be done with a one-off gift or a fiscally favorable periodic donation. Perhaps we may welcome you as Keyholder of the university or as the name giver of a new named fund? Find out more on the Leiden University Fund website

Crowdfunding for the university

The government is an important financier of scientific research, but unfortunately the resources of the government are not sufficient. Contributions from individuals and companies are a valuable addition to the resources for fundamental or applied research. The crowdfunding platform SupportLeiden.nl − managed by the LUF − plays an important role in this. For Leiden scientists, the platform means the opportunity to get a project off the ground in the short term. For donors, alumni as well as many others, it offers the opportunity to very specifically support a project that is important to them, based on their own experiences or personal fascination.

Do you have a warm heart for science? Become a donor of the LUF and donate online with iDeal or credit card or visit www.LUF.nl for other ways of donating.

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