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Several alumni, young alumni and students have been matched via the Leiden University Mentor Network.

A few reactions of alumni:

"For alumni, an easy, accessible and undemanding way to mean something for current students. Pay it forward!"

"It feels good to help students who are about to enter the work field, as it can be very overwhelming. As alumni, we can provide tips and tricks, guide them and let them make use of our network to learn more about (and hopefully get) the career they want."

In the videos below, a few mentor couples share their experience with the mentor network.

Kevin Oost (student Computer Science) and Arne Driessen (alumnus Japanese Studies)

Laurens van der Poel (alumnus Political Science) and Fabiƫnne Smith (alumna European Union Studies)

Romy Snoek (student Criminology) and Michelle Boog (alumna Criminology)

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