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Leiden University Mentor Network

Leiden University actively seeks to prepare students for the labour market and wants to help young alumni at the start of their careers. For this we like to use the knowledge and experience of Leiden alumni. To bring these students and young alumni who have questions about their career in contact with experienced alumni, Leiden University has created the Mentor network.

Why a Mentor Network? 

With more than 100,000 alumni with different study backgrounds, working in numerous different places and in various positions, Leiden University has a large alumni network in which a great deal of knowledge and experience has been collected. This network can be very valuable for students and young alumni when they are preparing for the job market or looking for advice on career issues.

Who is the Mentor Network for?

The Mentor network is intended for students, young alumni and experienced alumni.

  • Students: can register as a mentee. Via the Mentor Network they can ask questions about their career.
  • Alumni: alumni can register as both mentee and mentor. They can both ask questions and guide mentees.

Mentees can ask questions about the following subjects:

  • Masters choice
  • Internship
  • Your first job
  • How to apply for a job
  • Working visits
  • A specific company or branch

For what? 

Students and young alumni can request advice from experienced alumni on the Mentor network. For example, they can turn to a mentor for questions about the next career move, if they are looking for information about a specific sector or organization or want to grow in their current field. Students can sign up as a mentee, while young alumni can become both mentee and mentor.

How does it work? 

The Mentor Network is an online platform that makes it easy to search for alumni who have made themselves available as mentors.

  1. All users create an account on mentornetwerk.universiteitleiden.nl.
  2. After you've activated your account, you fill in your profile. This is possible with the help of your LinkedIn profile. 
  3. After you have completed your profile, you can use search terms and filters to look for mentors who can help you with your questions.
  4. Have you found a suitable mentor? Send a mentor request! If the mentor has agreed to your request, you will jointly agree how further contact will take place (via e-mail, telephone or face to face).

How do I find a mentor?

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For what?

(Experienced) alumni can offer help to young alumni and students who have questions about their career. Not only gives this the opportunity to help starters to kick start their careers, it also gives these mentors the opportunity to gain new coaching experience.

How does it work?

The Mentor Network is an online platform that makes it possible to be found by students and young alumni who are looking for advice.

  1. All users create an account on mentornetwerk.universiteitleiden.nl.
  2. After you have activated your account, enter your profile. This is possible via a LinkedIn profile. 
  3. Do you want to make yourself available as a mentor? Then also activate your mentor profile. Enter here for which mentees can approach you and how many mentees you want to guide at the same time.
  4. A mentee can then search you using the search filters, after which he or she can send you a mentor request. You can accept or reject this request - accompanied by an accompanying text. If you accept this request, then agree with the mentee how further contact will proceed (via e-mail, telephone or face to face).


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