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Alumni Magazine Leidraad

Three times per year Leiden University publishes alumni magazine Leidraad. Leidraad is a publication of the Development & Alumni Relations Department of Leiden University and is sent to all Dutch speaking alumni of the university, free of charge.

For whom?

Alumni magazine Leidraad is only available in Dutch. Therefore all Dutch speaking alumni of Leiden University receive Leidraad, free of charge and automatically after graduation.

Other interested parties can subscribe on request.

Do you not receive Leidraad?

Are you a Dutch alumnus, and do you not receive Leidraad? Most probably this is because the university doesn't have the right contact information. You can update your contact and work information through the contact/registration form on the website. Here you can also leave a comment that you'd like to receive Leidraad.

Are you an international alumnus, do you speak/understand Dutch and would you like to receive Leidraad? Please enter your contact information through the contact/registration form and leave a comment that you'd like to receive Leidraad. 

In case you didn't study at Leiden University, you can receive Leidraad by sending an e-mail with your name and contact info to contact@leidraad.leidenuniv.nl.

Previous editions

Previous editions of Leidraad can be found in Issuu

The persons interviewed in Leidraad express themselves according to their own insight and responsibility. Their opinion does not necessarily correspond with the opinion of Leiden University.


For questions, remarks or suggestions related to Leidraad please contact the editorial office: contact@leidraad.leidenuniv.nl.

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