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Multi-factor authentication

To log into many university systems you now need to use Multi-factor authentication (MFA). This means that as well as entering your username and password, you also need to confirm your identity via an additional method.

Three methods available

You can use one of the following three methods of authentication:

  1. The NetIQ Advanced Authentication app
    This is the easiest method. You will receive a push notification then simply need to click on accept.
  2. Another authentication app
    For example from Google or Microsoft. The app generates a code which you then have to enter.
  3. Your personal email address
    Via this method you will receive a code by email. To enable email authentication, your personal email address (different to your university email address) must be registered in Account Services. If this is already the case, you can use this method right away without taking further steps. If this isn’t the case, you will need to add your personal email address under ‘Contact method for password recovery’.
    Note: if you choose this method, we advise you to also install a second method.

 Setting up MFA

  1. Go to Account Services and click on the ‘Multi-factor authentication’ tile.
  2. Set up your preferred method of authentication by following the instructions.
  3. In Account Services, go to the ‘Multi-factor authentication’ tile again, select the method you have just set up and check it is working. 

Having difficulties? Take a look in the manual, watch the instruction video below or contact the helpdesk via +31 71 527 8888 or helpdesk@issc.leidenuniv.nl

Setting up MFA

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