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Our education programmes span the entire spectrum of Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory to Applied Mathematics.

We are committed to provide meaningful, rigorous and quality graduate experiences in a personalized environment with a cutting edge research infrastructure and internationally renowned supervisors.

Research environment

Our MSc students are taken up as members of our institute thus providing an ideal environment for our philosophy that you can best Learn science by Doing science together with fellow junior and senior scientists.

Array of disciplines

Students can expand their intellectual horizons while deepening their expertise in an array of disciplines. They can learn about the fundamentals of Mathematics in a compelling and challenging environment. Disciplinary and interdisciplinary challenges provide a unique learning and research environment for our graduate programme.

Small groups

Courses and working classes concern small groups, while the students are in one-to-one contact with a staff member during their research periods. We are committed to show that a graduate study in Astronomy is far from solitary and monastic, but rather that, at its very core, it is social and collegial.

International environment

The Leiden Graduate School of Science aims to provide an international academic environment with an appreciable number of master and PhD students from abroad. Moreover the same applies to the scientific staff and the post-doctorate fellows. English is the language of the courses, the colloquia, the scientific meetings and the daily conversations in the research groups.


Many of our graduates consider their years of education at the Leiden Observatory to be some of the most fulfilling years of their professional lives. Our MSc and PhD alumni go on to hold positions in the front ranks of research and teaching, policy and administration across the world.