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The Institute of Public Administration


Teaching at the Institute of Public Administration focuses on studying public administration in its broadest sense, including semi-government, lobby organisations, civil society and relevant private organisations. Our courses have an interdisciplinary and theoretical-empirical approach, integrating and applying insights from associated sciences such as Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Law to current issues in public administration, using socio-scientific research methods.

Students learn to analyse current issues in politics and public administration critically and independently, based on solid knowledge and understanding of the operation of and changes in institutional arrangements for public services. A thorough study is made of the foundations, history and ethics of public administration. Graduates think and operate at an academic level and are able to work within and between organisations in the public domain, where they can address complex societal issues, fully aware of the ethical and normative dilemmas. They can give independent advice that will improve practice in public administration. 

Education at the Institute of Public Administration has three unique characteristics:

  • a strong academic bias
  • the broad employability of its graduates
  • the strong link to The Hague


The Institute of Public Administration offers a Dutch bachelor’s programme with three tracks:

The master’s programmes offered by the Institute of Public Administration are:

Additionally, the Institute of Public Administration is involved in Master's courses of the following Master's programme:

In collabortation with the Centre for Professional Learning courses for professionals who deal with the public domain in their line of work are developed.

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