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International and European Governance (MSc)

No nation-state can solve today's global challenges on its own. In the specialisation International and European Governance you will obtain a deep understanding of the interplay between the international, EU, and (sub)national governance systems and how this interplay affects a national government's capacity to address corss-border societal challenges. This expertise will prepare you for a job in an (inter)national public institution or the private sector.

Adája Stoetman

Alumna, Junior Researcher at The Clingendael Institute

Adája Stoetman

'A Master degree in Public Administration was the best fit. I wanted to know more about the policy-making process and what influenced particular actors to take certain decision. More specifically, the international and European governance track suited my interests best, as it dealt with decision-making processes at the international and European level.'

Practical Learning

Many of the assignment were very practically oriented. For example, writing policy papers during the programme is a great practice for writing policy papers in real life, as there is no big difference between that. Furthermore, the simulation game we conducted also provided students with an insight into how real-life decision-making processes are conducted: making trade-offs on different subjects, given in on one subject, while being rigid on other subjects – it provided a very real insight into how the real world operates. From creating a podcast, writing policy papers, to making exams and participating in a simulation; the different teaching and examination methods made each course interesting in its own way. Furthermore, the academic freedom you get from the staff (in particular during your thesis period) encourages students to develop themselves both personally as well academically.


Once I started my internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I saw a lot of resemblances between theories and practice with reference to how policies come about. Knowledge-wise, this is one of the biggest assets of the Master programme International and European governance, as I truly believe that the acquired knowledge prepares you well for making a good start in the real world. 

What does this master programme entail?

In the specialisation International and European Governance you learn to formulate governance solutions to adress cross-border societal challenges. You will do this by applying state-of-the-art scientific knowledge of EU and International institutions and decision-making processes. It provides you a deep understanding of the complex, multi- layered nature of contemporary public governance and corss-border societal issues. You will gain state-of-the-art insights in how governments and stakeholders from the public and private sector can work together in complex multi-level governance systems. The International and European Governance specialisation prepares you for positions in international organisations as well as national public and private sector organisations that need to cope with the implications of an increasing global policy-making environment.

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4 Reasons to choose International & European Governance at Leiden University

In the International & European Governance specialisation of the Master in Public Administration:

  • You gain expertise in decision- making processess and institutional architectures of International and European institutions and international networks;
  • You become aware of the complex interplay between international, European and national public policy making processes, preparing you for a career as a policy advisor in international and national public institutions  or in the private sector;
  • You hone your analytical skills, much needed for today's data-driven and evidence-based decision-making context.
  • You study in The Hague, the bustling city of international peace and justice and the Dutch political- administrative centre. 

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International and European Governance: The Right Master’s Programme for You?

  • Are you interested in the dilemmas and challenges of governments and societies worldwide?
  • Do you want to address these issues from a multi-level, multi-stakeholder governance perspective?
  • Are you interested in the ways that international organisations and nation-states might work together to solve globalised problems in an effective and legitimate manner?

Then this is the study for you!

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