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International and European Governance (MSc)

No nation-state can solve today's global challenges on its own. In the specialisation International and European Governance you will obtain a deep understanding of the interplay between the international, EU, and (sub)national governance systems and how this interplay affects the capacity of public authorities to address cross-border societal challenges.

Medeina Markeviciute

Student Master Public Administration: International and European Governance

Medeina Markeviciute

'The Master Public Administration offers great theoretical knowledge through interactive teaching methods and utilizing real-life examples, with the Hague being a perfect place to apply these skills in practice. During the International and European Governance track, I learned the significance of political interests, negotiation and cooperation, which will have a direct impact on my future career in promoting European and democratic values.'

Babette Kolen

Alumnus, Research Intern at the Clingendael Institute and former Schuman Trainee

Babette Kolen

' I aspired to become a policymaker who is able to tackle national and global challenges. To this end, I wanted to know more about policymaking, decision-making processes and implementation in multi-level governance systems.'

I chose to study Public Administration, and specifically the IEG track, because I aspired to become a policymaker who is able to tackle national and global challenges. To this end, I wanted to know more about policymaking, decision-making processes and implementation in multi-level governance systems. I felt that the IEG track could offer me that knowledge through its curriculum and due to its location in the administrative heart of the Netherlands. Moreover, I knew from first-hand experience how high the quality of the studies at Leiden University are, because I had done my Bachelor at Leiden University as well. This was an extra incentive for me to choose the MPA IEG.

What sets IEG apart from the other studies is that it is built upon the analysis of the political-administrative context and the organizational dimension. With an emphasis on how policymaking occurs in multi-level systems and in an international environment, IEG distinguishes itself from other study programmes such as international relations or EU studies. I would recommend this programme, because it offers a high quality of education and the opportunity to meet and learn from people all over the world. 

I learned to write policy papers for and essays about various international challenges, in which I not only take into account the involvement of different actors with varying interests, but also the deeper layer of multiple political and societal issues on the global level. Moreover, apart from the theoretical knowledge that I gained through IEG, it strengthened my ability to think analytically, critically and creatively. In addition, the MPA IEG also prepares students for the labour market by focusing both on individual and group assignments, through which students learn to work both independently as well as in a team consisting of people with various national backgrounds and ideas. All of this helped me with receiving traineeship positions at the European Parliament and Clingendael. 

Rik de Ruiter


Rik de Ruiter

'In this day and age, policies need to be acceptable for a broad range of state and non-state actors in governance systems which often consist of multiple levels. In the track International and European Governance students gain an understanding of the challenges policymakers are confronted with in the 21st century, such as climate change, migration, differentiated European integration, and the dependency of democratic countries on authoritarian regimes. Our alumni are ideally situated to contribute to policies aimed at addressing these challenges.'

What does this master's programme entail?

In the specialisation International and European Governance you learn to formulate governance solutions to adress cross-border societal challenges. You will do this by applying state-of-the-art scientific knowledge of EU and International institutions and decision-making processes. It provides you a deep understanding of the complex, multi- layered nature of contemporary public governance and corss-border societal issues. You will gain state-of-the-art insights in how governments and stakeholders from the public and private sector can work together in complex multi-level governance systems. The International and European Governance specialisation prepares you for positions in international organisations as well as national public and private sector organisations that need to cope with the implications of an increasing global policy-making environment.

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Four reasons to choose International and European Governance at Leiden University

In the International and European Governance specialisation of the Master in Public Administration:

  • You gain expertise in decision-making processess and institutional architectures of International and European institutions and international networks.
  • You become aware of the complex interplay between international, European and national public policy making processes, preparing you for a career as a policy advisor in international and national public institutions or in the private sector.
  • You hone your analytical skills, much needed for today's data-driven and evidence-based decision-making context.
  • You study in The Hague, the bustling city of international peace and justice and the Dutch political-administrative centre. 

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International and European Governance: the right master’s programme for you?

  • Are you interested in the dilemmas and challenges of governments and societies worldwide?
  • Do you want to address these issues from a multi-level, multi-stakeholder governance perspective?
  • Are you interested in the ways that international organisations and nation-states might work together to solve globalised problems in an effective and legitimate manner?

Then this is the study for you!

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