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International en European Governance (MSc)

The Hague
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Public Administration (MSc)

The International and European Governance specialisation of the MSc in Public Administration provides you with the essential context, knowledge, skills and understanding needed to address the challenges of effective and legitimate governance in a globalised world.

What does this master programme entail?

International and European Governance (IEG) focuses on how to address global challenges in today’s multi-level governance systems, where many political-administrative levels are interrelated. In this specialisation you learn to understand the implications of the IEG administrative landscape for solving global challenges, analyse the mechanisms of international and EU governance, study the effect of multi-level governance on several core public challenges, and examine management and decision-making processes in EU and international organisations.

3 Reasons to choose IEG at Leiden University

In this unique and relevant specialisation track of the MSc Public Administration:

  • You learn from  members of the Institute of Public Administration, known for its research, expertise and excellence;
  • You focus on governance from a multi-level perspective, and the interaction between inter-, intra-, and supranational levels in decision-making and implementation;
  • You study in The Hague, international city of peace and justice, home to many international and policy-making organisations.

Why Leiden University

Is IEG the right programme for you?

  • Are you interested in the dilemmas and challenges of governments and societies worldwide?
  • Do you want to address these issues from a multi-level, multi-stakeholder governance perspective?
  • Are you interested in the ways that international organisations and nation-states might work together to solve globalised problems in an effective and legitimate manner?

Then this is the study for you!

Admission and Application